First XXX! Pleasing!

First XXX! Enjoyable!

First XXX! Pleasing!

Natasha Ravishing is pretty. There are many SCORELAND models who make us think, “this is too valuable to be true.” This babe is one of them. But Natasha is incredibly real. This is her first hardcore scene and it’s a sizzler, as hawt as that sauna she’s in. We don’t know where she’s been all our lives but we’re glad this babe is here now!

Natasha craves a little me time at the SCORE spa but when that babe sees Steve right out side the sauna, her priorities change quickly. Asking him to widen some oil on her back is the ice-breaker and when this chab unhooks her undergarment, her humongous natural bosoms fall out, willing to be massaged and groped and oiled. Also wonderful to be true.

Kneeling, Natasha takes Steve’s woody for an extra-special day at the spa, massaging his rod between her big melons and opening her mouth to engulf on the upstroke. Natasha’s cookie purrs, ready for a petting. Steve goes south, lapping away at her pleasant pink in advance of he plunges into her. Yes, she really is Natasha Enchanting, a real muscular Amazonian brickhouse.

Steve happily sexes up Natasha, a beauty who indeed appreciates bucks who appreciate beauties. “I don’t crave to waste my time with a lady-killer who doesn’t know how to please me,” Natasha said our staff. “I really appreciate great sex.” We appreciate Natasha and look forward to more of her sexual escapades.

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Big busted Workin’ Sista

Breasty Workin’ Sista

Busty Workin' Sista

Driving around, JT brags about his latest raunchy exploits. His buddy CJ gets an earful and admits that he doesn’t acquire any cunt. JT won’t stand for this outrage and demands that his ally let him treat him to a beauty for 15 minutes.

They spot Miss Stacy Adams on her turf looking to befriend lost dudes and provide ’em with her trained, skilled consultation.

Stacy and her new boyfriends head to a trysting area so they can discuss CJ’s issues in detail. She gives CJ some head which receives JT worked up so one as well as the other boyz start banging her. They take turns fucking her mouth and whore-cunt in as many poses as this kind, handsome domme will grant them for their dollars.

Stacy jerks their ramrods off, splattering her big ebony melons as a farewell gesture ‘coz this babe actually has a heart of gold. Her benevolence and kindness are a lesson for us all.

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Uploading Into Girl

Uploading Into Gal

Uploading Into Angel

Girl DeLuca is trying to finish a class assignment at the university PC lab but the skirt chaser next to her is downloading SCORELAND. He may have admirable smack but this is not allowed in the lab. This babe receives annoyed and tells him off. That lady-killer flips it back and tells her she was likewise looking at undressed babes.

The lad sitting next to her in the empty lab happens to be JMac. That means that very soon, as in the next ten minutes, prim and proper first-year student Cutie is gonna prevent her work and pussy-grind on JMac’s jock and do other educational things with her superior sex skills, humongous natural mangos and succulent, mouthing mouth. You can always count on Beauty DeLuca for the hottest banging. Just don’t annoy her.

Strictly for educational purposes, we asked Cutie a hardly any questions.

XLGirls: What’s it love for you going through airports with milk cans that greater than run of the mill?

Angel: Foreigners stare the majority as if they’ve not at any time viewed them so larger than standard but going through security I often catch the male TSA agents taking a peek or a fine ole lengthy look.

XLGirls: What is smth you have attempted but will by no means do again?

Angel: This one boy who did that one thing that made me giggle so unbending I almost peed my pants and then discovered his jo-bag in the bush the next day!

XLGirls: What superpower would u like to have for one day?

Angel: I would desire to have Phoenix/Jean Grey’s powers from X-Men.

XLGirls: Do u go to undressed beaches or adult resorts?

Angel: Unfortunately, I’ve not had the opportunity to try, but maybe one day!

XLGirls: Just as well. Lastly, my last question. How many days do you think you could abstain from sex or masturbation?

Angel: Not also long, I usually become bitchy if I haven’t had it for more than a week.

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Getting Damp

Getting Succulent

Getting Wet

It is nearly a tradition that gals with the humongous fun bags in school become SCORE and Voluptuous Gals. Youthful high-school grad Daria is some other sexy gal upholding this custom. “Yes, I guess it is true that I had the astronomical meatballs in school and I guess at the university, it was the same situation.”

“When I go out, I adore to suit comfortably. I most like to wear jeans and trainers. Sometimes I wear heels but not very often ‘cuz it’s uncomfortable. I like to wear T-shirts and skirts.” Cutting to the follow in these pics, Daria quickly sheds her bathing suit to receive soapy and wet.

Daria had by no means shown her great, large, natural milk cans before except for one time and that was for a party game with allies. Now you’re seeing the real deal for the 1st time thank u to your allies at SCORELAND.

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U Screw Whitney Stevens

U Bonk Whitney Stevens

U Screw Whitney Stevens

This babe is drilled in over 100 vids since becoming a porno star at the tender age of 19 but Whitney Stevens still kept a recent, pure, huggable girl-next-door look. If u passed her in public, you’d not at all guess what a indecent mind that babe has and how she expresses that wicked side in porn.

In this P.O.V. scene, big busted little Whitney is all yours to face-fuck and pussy-fuck until u spray her with your sexy cum. “When I’m not doing porn scenes, I’m usually sexually passive,” told Whitney, who, like Daphne Rosen, is one of the rare Jewish porno stars.

“I usually await for the woman chaser to make the first move, unless I am in a relationship,” says Whitney who sucks and rides your meat-thermometer real worthwhile in this scene from the DVD Rack Riders. “I do not have any fetishes unless you count bigger than run of the mill schlongs. I’ve a big schlong fetish. Large or very thick. If a boy can have a larger than typical boob fetish, then a girl can have a big shlong fetish, right?”

Why not?

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Amara Romani

Amara Romani Amara Romani
Amara Romani @
Amara Romani is in a relationship with a degenerate gambler. You have probably known one in your life. All they appear to be to really care about are things love the "over/under", the "money line"…the favorites and the "dogs". And how to profit off it all. Amara’s woman chaser just had a terrible weekend, and this dude owes The Guy "five dimes". Amara doesn’t know what that means, but that babe knows what five thousand dollars means, and that babe knows her Lothario doesn’t have it. The guys coming to collect know it to, and instead of getting a beat down, Amara’s chap has offered up Amara’s mind blowing oral-job skills, her tight, pink fur pie, and her her petite little arsehole as a way to buy some more time. They’re plan to take him up on the suggest, and why not shag Amara right in front of her ladies man? Remember, that ladies man is a degenerate, so he’ll sit and watch and jerk his dinky as the 2 have their way with his femdom-goddess. After they’re done, he’ll drop a load on Amara, just for being the finest girlfriend ever!

Amara Romani Amara Romani

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Fastened To Be Gagged

Bound To Be Gagged

Bound To Be Gagged

Porsche Dali receives tied-up and a ball-gag is pushed in her mouth. Placed on a ottoman, Porsche writhes around until she’s released. She’s now free to play with her big hooters and pierced nipples and rub her sensitive clit.

Porsche lives in Missouri, the “Show Me” state. It’s a natural fit.

XL Girls: So what do people do for joy in Missouri?

Porsche: People go to each others’ houses. Hang out. Go bowling. Have sex. Not much else.

XL Girls: Do u get to stay locked up in your house the complete time when there’s an ice storm?

Porsche: Not if you have a job. They still expect u to be there, especially if your job has electricity and back-up generators. If it were up to me I would just stay in and have sex.

XL Girls: So what else acquires u wanton? Anyway blizzards.

Porsche: There’re numerous things that will make me succulent immediately but the number one thing that makes me supplementary horny is kissing my neck. Giving a kiss my neck will make me desire to jump in couch immediately. Another thing that will receive my motor oozing is smacking my gazoo. If u taste my arse, you’d more wondrous be ready to make me cum!

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Fondelled The Right Way

Fondelled The Right Way

Rubbed The Right Way

2 pairs of hands, one male, one mastix, treat Crystal Gunns to a full body rubdown in this unconventional pictorial. Those phantom hands go way beyond what’s done at your everyday spa. They cuddle her scoops, her hips, her ass-cheeks. They probe, they pinch, they pat, they squeeze and they come dangerously close to her snatch. Crystal comes so close to the edge from the constant sensory arousal that that babe needs to get off with a toy from Doc Johnson.

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