Eden’s Garden

Eden’s Garden

Eden's Garden

Eden’s return led to some props as well as some regrets by boob-men who preferred the original V-mag version of Eden beginning in 2004 when TSG was the first studio to photograph her.

The Israeli brunette slimmed down and changed her hair color but these DVD-sized nipps didn’t change. Eden said when this babe dresses to go out to a lap dancing club at home in Israel, this babe doesn’t overdo the cleavage exposure. She’d rather be low-key. But that doesn’t always work and she always manages to attract a lot of boyz eager to bag her attention. Eden doesn’t adult model anymore and she shuttered her web resource but these decisions are at no time written in stone.

“Guys always like to ask me questions about my fun bags. Things adore ‘If I like ’em and if I play with ’em?’ They have been asking me since I was in school. I used to feel pain in my back from the weight of them but when I began to decide at the gym they felt more admirable.”

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A Rose Is A Rose

A Rose Is A Rose

A Rose Is A Rose

“Toys work better than my hand,” said Rose Valentina. “And I have so many now, adore a bag full of them from filming for my Site. Ok, maybe adore ten. It’s not that much but it’s kind of a lot. And I use them all.

“But vibrators are a lot more priceless than dildos. If I’m intend to use a fake penis I would rather just call anybody to bonk me than do it myself. When I am not getting sex I masturbate all the time. I have to or else I’m gonna be the giant slut.”

At first, Rose was not used to all of the attention.

“I was shocked by all the places my name turned up on the Internet and the blogs where people could rate me. I was afraid to read them at first. There would be love ten pages of comments and they could be saying everything. But majority of them were truly nice ratings of my love muffins and peculiar show.”

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From Seamstress To Sexy Glamour model

From Seamstress To Hawt Glamour model

From Seamstress To Sexy Model

Sabrina-Jade wanted to try adult modeling and porn. Instead of putting the idea aside as just a dream, she went ahead and attempted it. That babe detected this babe can’t live without it. A lot. Now this babe is a part-time model, on her way to full-time status at the speed she’s going. Her next scene will be hardcore. Full steam ahead, Sabrina.

A seamstress, Sabrina buys her bras online, always wears ’em out fast ‘cuz her bouncy bosoms are so big and enormous, tailors her own outfits and owns a mountainous collection of hawt dresses, lingerie, boots and heels.

Sabrina says her special talent is “My tits.” That kind of talent is what we’re all about the past Twenty five years. “I adore to masturbate with my Rabbit and my fetishes are fellows in uniform and thraldom,” Sabrina tells us.

Obviously, Sabrina acquires bigger in size than typical attention and for bigger in size than average reasons. “In Tesco, a woman chaser came over to me and asked me where the billibongs are.” She didn’t say what happened after that suave attempt at an introduction but as the saying goes, “What happens in Tesco stays in Tesco.”

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Hot Sex For Lucy Lenore

Hawt Sex For Lucy Lenore

Hot Sex For Lucy Lenore

Rion wheels Lucy Lenore‘s suitcases into the apartment she’s staying in. Instead of running out, Rion sticks around, hypnotized by Lucy’s bigger in size than run of the mill boobs nestled in her low-cut costume. Lucy knows when she’s being eye-banged. That babe invites him to do more than look and they celebrate their collision for the 1st time by rogering and mouthing the day away.

XLGirls: What scenes or glamour models have you viewed at XL Cuties that really amorous you?

Lucy: Marilyn Mayson is my gal crush. She’s so glamourous and I’m kooky envious of her style. But I love a ton of the XL Girls! Kimmie Kaboom, Jordynn LuXXX, Lila Enchanting, Nikki Wilder! There’s so many attractive beauties! I’m so thankful we all have the opportunity to work in this industry with you boyz. If I can add, I adore all my fans and I’m so thankful for every single person who looks at my photos and movies! I wouldn’t be here out of u lads and I adore it! You’re all the superlatively worthy!

XLGirls: When u were working in an adults solely store, did you ever think you would become a model in the mags and DVDs u sold?

Lucy: I did not! I indeed used to do pin up and web digital camera when I was a smaller size but due to my illness I gained quite a bit of weight suddenly. The a matter of joke thing is I do not think I’d have entered this industry professionally if I hadn’t gained so much weight! But I’m cheerful to be in it!

XLGirls: Let’s talk sex. Have u ever busted a guy’s cherry?

Lucy: I have. My college playgirl. I likewise busted my high school boyfriend’s anal cherry. That skirt chaser was gorgeous large so no angels previous to me would let him. But here’s a hint, beauties, it’s gonna hurt way less in your butt if you prepare 1st. There’s no cervix to bruise in your butt!

XLGirls: What’s the most-unusual sex position you’ve ever tried, outside of a hardcore discharge?

Lucy: I’m not sure what it’s called but I have had my ankles fastened to a headboard, laying on my back, my wrists bound to my knees. It was marvelous joy really previous to my ankles started to hurt but we had lots of enjoyment previous to then.

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Stephanie Stalls Busts Him In The Face

Stephanie Stalls Busts Him In The Face

Stephanie Stalls Busts Him In The Face

Stephanie Stalls is a big-boobed sucker for lengthy, thick schlongs. This babe is bonkers to get that rigid beef in her slit but first this babe urges to receive on her knees and suck it wonderful and receive it soaked, the easier to wedge it all the way in in her lap dancer gap. Eventually she’ll receive completely stripped but that babe likes to keep her skyscraper heels on until she gets a spurting load, unless they interfere with one of the boob-shaking porn-positions that babe gets put throughout in the studio.

Stephanie loves shooting SCORE movie scenes and pictorials coz that babe knows she’ll be getting bonk partners with the kind of jocks that make her cum.

Stephanie is one of these girls who likes to view the camera and smile without any direction, knowing that at any given time, anybody will be looking at one of her vids and beating off. That gives her tons of fun, the same kind of rush that babe acquires from dancing on-stage before a live audience of wanton boys and exposing her cunt and perky areolas a foot from their face.

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Amaya May & The Brassiere Thief

Amaya May & The Bra Thief

Amaya May & The Undergarment Thief

Amaya May finds one of her brassieres in Joe’s closet. This charmer is a brassiere thief. What happens to Amaya’s undergarment in Joe’s room stays in Joe’s room but since Amaya’s identified it, this babe comes to a conclusion to put it on for him and give him a show instead of punishing him.

Amaya (aka Giggles4U) gives Joe more than an eyeful of her magnificant larger than run of the mill mambos. This babe crushes his pecker betwixt her super-natural love muffins, swallows it and bangs his brains out. Amaya is truly a caring lady and pumped up adore a brickhouse with a super-busty body made for sex. We’d steal her under garment too if this would be the result.

Amaya: I acquire truly moist if the lad I am with is hot.

SCORELAND: No one can miss that “Juicy” tattoo near your love tunnel if that fellow were fortunate sufficient to get close to her stripped haunches.

Amaya: It can acquire truly wet. If I’m turned on and I am with the right person, I can squirt.

SCORELAND: Do u think your cookie is juicier than other women’s vaginas?

Amaya: Probably not, but I’ve the ability to make it juicier than some women’s. The lad has to know what he is doing. When a goddess squirts, it’s not all about the hotty. The ladies man has to assist it along. He has to actually turn her on and know what he is doing with his fingers and his weenie. But if a charmer does the right thing, I’ll squirt.

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Sexy Selfies

Hawt Selfies

Sexy Selfies

It is sexy selfies time for XL Goddess Nila Mason. The gracious brunette hair desires to take some smartphone shots of herself in that low-cut pink suit. We know smartphones come with a wide-angle digital camera lens. Nila doesn’t need that. Our standard 50mm lens camera exposes just how bigger in size than typical her bouncy bosoms truly are in reality. That babe doesn’t need a smartphone’s wide-angle lens that average-sized girls use to exaggerate the size of their milk cans on the web.

The shape and size of Nila’s whoppers is emphasized when that babe holds them in her hands. Her hands can merely hold a slight portion of her scones. It is not an simple job finding bras that can comfortably support her heavy marangos.

When Nila is finished with her selfie session, this babe can put the stick away and treat us to some other view her gorgeous and carnal body. “I often get as many compliments about my face as I do about my boobs,” Nila told. That’s not surprising at all.

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Redhaired & Big breasted In Kentucky

Redhaired & Big breasted In Kentucky

Redhaired & Big-Boob In Kentucky

What’s in Stephanie Stalls suitcase? It is loaded with hottie ram. She’s now a redhead ‘coz this babe loves to surprise us when she arrives from Kentucky, where she’s a local celebrity. Stephanie is gonna flaunt u what she’s packing in addition to the larger than standard melons she’s always packing in her bras.

High-energy beauty Stephanie’s been gonna cosmetology school since her previous visit to SCORE. She is graduated, but she is still bonkers to play with her big love muffins and shag porn lads on-camera. First that babe wiggles into some very taut tops and shorts. Her enormous southern charms stretch out her tops. It is like intend to a store’s dressing room with Stephanie and watching her except what this babe does after she glamour models her outfits can’t be done during a shopping tour.

Writes Stephanie fan David, “I adore Stephanie Stalls! It seems love this babe receives sexier as she gets mature. Certainly, I may be somewhat prejudiced about her; I adore her southern accent…she is also a mate Kentuckian!”

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