Brittany O’Neil – Brittany O’Neil & Angelique Trio

Brittany O’Neil & Angelique Trio

Brittany O'Neil & Angelique 3some

Classic big bosoms! Charter browsers of SCORE mag will remember the glamour photoshoot of this video and may have viewed the episode as well. It was a seven-pager in the December 1995 edition called “Menage-A-Trois.” Marvelous Dixie Bubbles, a feature dancer from Louisiana, was the covergirl.

Since back in 1995, newsstand magazines did not flaunt penetration for distribution and retail sales reasons, Brittany and Angelique’s mouths and slits were a fraction of an inch from Clive’s skin-flute. The clip was normal, full-contact screwing and mouthing.

University of Nebraska graduate Brittany O’Neil (billed as Big-Boob Brittany when this was filmed in UK, using that name when that babe makes a phone call in the opener of this scene) hooks up with the great Brazilian mega-busty looker Angelique, then brand-new on the SCORE scene and a British petticoat chaser who copulates ‘em the one and the other, laying the pipe in their throats and wet cracks and between their humongous bosoms. There was the thinnest of introductory plots that did not slow down the proceedings so the action begins very quickly.

Two cuties and one studs still remains the #1 high reaching sex fantasy of all time for almost any boyz. Of course, for SCORE browsers, it’s two sexy, pretty women with mountainous, humongous tits and one smooth operator. “Two males and one cutie is too much of a sausage fest,” a browser had commented one time in a letter to the SCORECard letter section.

Brittany is still modeling today and is as sexy as ever. We’d love to have her back for more hot sex scenes. Angelique moved to Germany and has been retired from modeling, making one short comeback in 2002 at the SCORE studio in Miami. A SCORE web resource dedicated to her,, is a much loved for collectors of Angelique content.

Yep, admirable titties of the Golden Age of the Classic SCORE Beauties.

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Amorina – New Discovery

Fresh Discovery

New Discovery

Fresh arrival Amorina lives in Romania, home to many SCORE and Voluptuous Girls in recent years. That babe is a ally of a longtime favorite here!

SCORELAND: How did u detect out about The SCORE Group and why did you give a decision to glamour model?
Amorina: My most pleasing and big busted ally Joana told me and encouraged me to pose. I have admired her for a lengthy time and I wanted to try it myself!”

SCORELAND: How do u stay in shape?
Amorina: I do Pilates and go to the gym and I adore to play basketball and swim. I like to ride my bike when the weather is not too phat and not also hawt.

SCORELAND: Tell us about your tits.
Amorina: I like my mellons and I adore to dress to reveal ‘em. My love muffins stick out and even if I suit in loose tops they would still be noticed. But I definitely like to wear feminine captivating clothing that expose their shape.

SCORELAND: What about bras?
Amorina: I wore bras in my SCORE photo shoots. I do not truly wear bras too much. When I’m home, I love tons of time to be out of everything on my boobs, not even handsome clothes. I adore to touch my tits and clothing can get inside the way sometimes!”

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Natalie Fiore – Glowing Housewife

Glowing Housewife

Glowing Housewife

One of the Twenty high reaching naturals of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines who began her career in 2006, Natalie recently took things a step further by posing preggers, and it was all for her many fans. Merely a scarcely any gals have done this, Lorna Morgan, Shyla Demure and Melissa Mandlikova among them.

The last time we saw Natalie at XL Gals, this babe was seven months preggy. We’re pleased to report that Mr. Stork has delivered his special bundle of enjoyment to Natalie. The one and the other mamma and babe are well and pleased in Fiore Land. Guess we can now call Natalie a hawt Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK!

We returned to visit Natalie after she gave birth, cameras at the ready. Natalie’s bigger in size than standard boobies are as stupendous as ever and her postpartum baby belly is shrinking as her baby-phat diminishes. This return scene taps into Natalie’s recent life-role as a mamma. That’s supposed to mean tons of domestic chores adore house cleaning, ironing and all that jazz.

Even with their new schedules, many fresh mommys detect themselves so randy they have to take five and fap one out. The household chores can expect a few minutes. Natalie’s gigantic juggs need massaging too and her clitoris and wet crack still demands to be satisfied. This babe was lustful each single month of her gestation and that babe is still lustful postpartum.

Congratulations, Natalie, from your friends at XL Angels.

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Goldie Blair – Breast Intentions

Breast Intentions

 Breast Intentions

Dirty-talking juggy dolls who speak with a British accent are always welcome at SCORELAND. Big-boobed Goldie Blair has a large pair that babe loves to share with English flair and her fanny is not totally shaven in nature’s garb of hair.

Goldie, formerly of Sussex and a long time California resident, starts her nasty tale out side against a tree. That babe talks about some neighbors who adore to view her take her sexy garments off and spank her fuzzy-wuzzy. This babe goes inside the abode and into the bedroom to rub her big 34G cup love melons and play her squeeze box.

“I’ve always been an exhibitionist,” says Goldie, final seen in the episode The Blair Tits Project. “I decide with a BowFlex and an elliptical and wrestling helps likewise. Need to keep in shape, you know.” And it flaunts, Goldie.

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Kitty McPherson – Arse Up, Face Down

Booty Up, Face Down

Ass Up, Face Down

Curvy, sensuous and lovely, we’d like no thing more than a chance to pet this ravishing Kitty. Kitty McPherson looks ready, too. In her pink and dark brassiere and belt set, she’s practically begging to be petted. Well, truly this babe is begging for numerous lengthy strokes into her cunt and her taut arsehole. Coz this gal just cant acquire enough of getting her gazoo and bawdy cleft rammed, that babe is back again to take a rock hard piece of meat. This time, this babe is drooping, engulfing and screwing with our nice ally Tony Rubino. He’s an accustomed when it comes to anal, so Kitty is in valuable hands with Rubino.

Kitty says her level of raunchy aggressiveness depends on her boyfriend. And sometimes, it just depends on her mood.

“I like to be screwed unyielding and drilled right,” Kitty told. “Sometimes a boy is bashful and isn’t used to handling a girl like me, so I’ll receive to take control and fill the void. That’s when I acquire on top and bonk him hard, you know? Display him how I wanna be rogered. Other times, the boy is adore an animal and leaves me ravished. It actually depends.”

Well, Tony of course isn’t the bashful type that isn’t used to banging a goddess like Kitty. But they do take turns controlling every other. Tony sucks and nibbles on Kitty’s fleshy HH-cup bosoms in advance of stuffing his rock-hard pecker into her hungry mouth. Then, Tony hops on top of her for a tit jack off in advance of Kitty takes control. That babe sits her milky-white, chunky wazoo on him and rides him cowgirl, one of her much loved poses.

“I adore cowgirl cuz I can feel my man’s 10-Pounder deep inside of me,” that babe told. “I wanna feel him shoving my insides. I desire my vagina to feel a little ginger tomorrow.”

After giving his weenie the full tour of Kitty’s twat, Tony lastly pulls it out and stuffs it into her wazoo. First, that dude is rogering her ass from the side while she fingers her bawdy cleft. But pretty soon, Kitty desires to be on top afresh and that babe gives Tony an anal reverse cowgirl screw in advance of this fellow lastly fucks her ass-up, face-down.

It is amazing Tony hasn’t cum yet, but that dude holds out for as long as he can. But where should this woman chaser cum? On her chunky love melons, milky booty or on her face.

“Cum in my throat,” Kitty told. “Cum in my face hole and I’ll swallow. No mess, no clean up.”

Tony does just that, and Kitty finds his ball batter finger-licking good.

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Barbara Hotty – Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

It is a sunny day and Barbara Gal is ready to make her day even hotter with a swimming pool side sizzler with Thomas, her recent FWB (Ally With Benefits). Thomas is willing to make a greater than average splash. A large splash on Barbara and her big, greater than average bra buddies and Voluptuous body.

We talked to Barbara about her sun-drenched sex session after this babe came up for air.

SCORELAND: U and Thomas had sex by a swimming pool. How was that day for you?
Barbara Angel: Thomas made my body so hawt with everything this man did to me. I was so pleased I was pro to cool off and swim in the pool afterwards!

SCORELAND: Have you had sex by a pool in advance of? What was this experience adore for you?
Barbara Angel: Yep, I have had sex in a pool and in a hot tub in advance of. I adore it. Even the thought of it excites me another time.

SCORELAND: Do u enjoy sex more good indoors or outdoors? Why so?
Barbara Angel: I savour sex anywhere, coz I adore it so much.

SCORELAND: How is sex on-camera different for you than sex in private?
Barbara Angel: It makes no difference to me, given that I always actually relish sex to the fullest. What is different is that in the pictures, I look more at the camera. In the episode, I look more at Thomas except in positions when I am facing the digi camera.

SCORELAND: Would u say you are “different” having sex on-camera?
Barbara Angel: I’m not ‘cuz I am always lustful when I have sex. When u watch me in a photo or a video, u are seeing the real me.

SCORELAND: What was your favourite pont of time in this episode with Thomas?
Barbara Angel: The almost all gracious pont of time for me was simply savouring his alluring, rock hard penis all day.

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Stephanie Stalls – Boobcore



Award-winning lap dancer Stephanie Stalls pulls out all the stops. Stephanie is a lewd hottie who knows what she can’t live without and what this babe craves in ottoman. This babe wants Mr. Dick to first play with and rubdown her mountainous and enormous Fourty inch, 34F-cups. This babe likes her nipps pulled and pinched. He spritzes a admirable amount of white spunk over them, caressing the stuff into her breast flesh until her mammaries shine. “Massage my vagina,” Stephanie says. This charmer goes one more unbelievable, massaging her bald cum-hole with his tongue. She returns the favor by mouthing his wang, making popping, suction sounds as her mouth works it.

“Fuck those breasts,” she next tells Mr. Rod. That babe sits on the edge of the couch holding her gazongas jointly as his prick plows throughout her tightly compressed milk sacks that make a kind of cleavage-pussy. Stephanie now desires his shaft in her grip. That babe gets on her back, strips off her briefs and spreads her legs for a side-saddle banging. Her head hangs over the corner of the mattress and this babe makes sex sounds in a staccato rhythm during the time that he penetrates her with fast strokes. Her hands reach down to rub her adore button and pussy-wings.

Stephanie acquires on top and mounts him in a reverse cowgirl position, riding his pole rigid. “Fuck it, bonk it, copulate it!” she cries, bouncing up and down, meatballs swinging wildly. Almost all beauties must take their heels off in this position but not Stephanie. Her stripper stage-skills give her fuck-stamina and pliant legs and ankles. The more this babe bonks the more screwing that babe desires.

Stephanie knows what that babe loves and what she wants. “I’m worthwhile at blow jobs. I was called Hoover in college,” Stephanie says. This babe can get aggressive when she is hot for the rod but will be tractable other times. She’s usually aggressive in her sex scenes. We’ll bet she quickly wears out almost all men she meets. That is why that babe likes doing porn with pro-studs. By the way, Stephanie has merely done hardcore at SCORE.

“Sometimes I urge anybody to take charge and really hammer me in sofa. Almost any studs just love laying back and getting a oral enjoyment.” With her supple limbs, tutored and fit from her stage dances, Stephanie is qualified to handle any position.

Stephanie stars in the DVD SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored with Angelina Castro, Kelly Christiansen, Kali West and Nadia Night. It’s SCOREtv with a hardcore twist! We recommend it.

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Aimee Jackson – I Will Be A Arse Bitch Forever

I Will Be A Booty Wench Forever

I Will Be A Arse Floozy Forever

Why do we love Aimee Jackson? Let us count the ways.

1st, there is the bright, warm smile that will make you fall in like and could melt the ice caps.

“It’s funny, I indeed think my eyes and smile are my almost all astounding features, but obviously dudes always say smth else,” Aimee said us, pointing towards her 34H-cup bra-busters.

Well, u can not blame us, Aimee. Your love muffins are enormous, merry and damn near flawless. Working our way down her body as we count the reasons we like her, there’s no way we can avoid mentioning her scoops. These are the assets that have separated her from other girls her complete life.

“Oh, I was always the bustiest girl in school,” she told. “By far. No other hotty was close. The attention I acquire from one as well as the other males and babes is beautiful joy. Cuties ask to touch ‘em all the time ‘cuz they do not think they could possibly be real. I nearly always let ‘em.”

The third reason we like Aimee is ‘coz of her curvacious, Coke bottle figure. Even when fully clothed, this babe makes us feel thirsty, and it only gets more captivating when this babe peels off her sexy garments.

“I’m probably a bit of a shop-o-holic,” Aimee added. “It’s a bit of a problem. I am a girly-girl, and I love to look cute. And with funbags, curves and a overweight rump, it almost would not be fair to not wear things that accentuate that.”

It would not be. Especially with that plump rump of hers. We think a chunky rump is often the thing that goes unnoticed with breasty, curvacious cuties. And Aimee of course does like hers. This babe has smth of an gazoo fetish, and can’t live with out her own booty and other girls’ butts. A self-described “butt wench,” anal play is this Kansas Town babe’s beloved pastime. And this is the fourth reason we like her.

“Honestly, sometimes I guess I love being drilled in my butt more than my snatch,” that babe said. “I adore having my butt eaten out, likewise. I’ve toys that I use exclusively on my a-hole. I’ll always be a arse bimbo.”

That’s Aimee. Our beloved little booty slut.

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