Carmen Hayes – Ballin’ Carmen Hayes

Ballin’ Carmen Hayes

Ballin' Carmen Hayes

You would not think Carmen Hayes is too a basketball star, would u? We know she’s a SCORE star. We know this babe has immense fullsome funbags and a sexy butt. We know that babe can put her ankles behind her neck and can bonk in that position. We know this babe completely drains the nuts of any dude who has the opportunity to stuff her hoop. (Just view Carmen in the clip Big-Boob Hookers.)

In this SCORE Episode, we take u behind the scenes at a stadium that cannot be named and to the ladies locker room, where Carmen unveils, once again, why she’s a champ at stopping the clock and pumping the knob. Fortunately, the other players on Carmen’s domina basketball team have already exited after the large game so Carmen can initiate The Larger than average Display for her fuck-friend.

There are times when Mother Nature gets it right and mixes anything into one consummate package. In the case of curvaceous Carmen Hayes, nature got it more than right. This lady has it all: flawless large bumpers, consummate booty, mind boggling legs, brains, a glamorous smile and the ability to put her legs behind her neck and more. And did we mention she likes to lick each drop of cum?

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Jessie Simmons – “My First XXX”

“My 1st XXX”

Most of the European SCORE Angels are firebrands. Jessie Simmons is a coy goddess, but this recent and tender rookie was ready to try her cherry-popping 1st XXX scene.

“I do not have any dreams,” Jessie said. “I’m a demure hotty with out much experience.”

The photographer said Jessie to forget about the digi camera, to ignore it, and let her screw boyfriend, Matt, take charge. “Just be yourself, pretend u are at home with your boyfriend and act naturally.” And that’s what Jessie did.

Jessie has at no time had sex in public, has no interest in trios or a team fuck and has at no time been with a cutie.

“I’m also shy for sex outdoors. I love most of all romantic sex. I like giving a kiss. I not ever had any perverted sex. I am a regular beauty.”

Jessie liked her experience with Matt so much that she’s gonna come back for a fresh boy-girl.

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Samantha Sanders – The Return

The Return

The Return

We thought heavy-breasted blond Brit Samantha Sanders was done with adult modeling. Indeed, this babe did retire. But then that babe not lengthy ago decided to un-retire, and that babe contacted her mature friends at The SCORE Group.

A lawyer in UK, Samantha’s bosoms could do considerable harm to your neck if this babe dropped them on your head. Fortunately, this babe uses her super-powers for fine. Adore getting nude and nasty and shagging hung dudes. We played catch-up with Samantha.

How did you come to discharge anew for us 10 years later? Did we detect you or did you contact us?
Samantha: I contacted The SCORE Group after I became single as I really wanted to glamour model again.

What size brassiere do u wear now?
Samantha: 34JJ

What favorite brands of bras do you buy?
Samantha: I don’t have a favorite really. Any that fit!

Do u need a bra-fitting, or can you buy bras off the rack?
Samantha: I know my size, so I can dictate online.

Do you know how much your bumpers weigh?
Samantha: Nearly 2 stones. (28 pounds)

Any comments for the fans?
Samantha: I would love to thank the fans that buy the mags and the DVDs, download the pics and videos and just adore to see me in general. Please let The SCORE Group know if u wanna watch more of me so I can come back and discharge one time more pretty soon.

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Sandra Milka – My Living Boob Doll

My Living Boob Doll

My Living Boob Doll

It’s easy to watch why Sandra Milka is so popular. She’s facile on the eyes. She gives a succulent and obscene unfathomable oral job, and she’s very lusty when she is rogering.

Sandra gives Thomas the works in “My Living Boob Doll.” After this guy has a go at her natural tits, he licks Sandra’s Spanish love tunnel. Repaying the favor, Sandra widens her face hole wide for penis, drool pouring out of her throat as this babe unfathomable face holes, then squishes it between her fun bags.

It’s time to fuck. Sandra mounts his saddle in cowgirl position and rides his horn, grinding her arse as this babe slides up and down. And after that, Thomas flips Sandra on her back to copulate her from the side and doggystyle and sits her down on his pole so she can acquire it up deep inside her cum-hole.

As they sex it, Sandra steals glances at the camera. It seems to be a habit, and it adds heat to her sexy moves.

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Kim Hines – From Under garment To Eternity

From Under garment To Eternity

From Bra To Eternity

There’re some Voluptuous mag readers who have every issue since 1994. A observe some of the angels of that time displays how great a group they were. Glamour models adore Lalin girl, Bonnie Banks, Lisa Miller, Rhonda Baxter, Alice, Calle and many others. It makes a tit-man wonder what all of ’em are doing today.

We know that Rhonda got hitched. The others, almost any likely the same. Many of ’em modeled merely numerous times. They lived standard lives with archetypal jobs and dabbled in exposed photo-modeling as a lark and for additional income. Others stayed in the game for a diminutive in number years. Some stayed in a different kind of spotlight, love Candye Kane, who became a well-known professional touring musician and blues/jazz singer with her own band.

Kim Hines, aka Kim Eternity, became a greater than average name in Voluptuous magazine in the 1990s. Her 1st V-mag was the May 1995 edition. This babe was a friend of LaTina’s in high-school. When Lalin girl was about to do her 1st discharge for a V-mag photographer in San Diego, Kim entered the studio for boudoir modeling. They renewed ties, and Lalin girl recommended that giant-chested Kim shoot for V-mag.

Kim became one of the 1st big-busted, dark-skinned fuck-video and mag stars. This babe bonks dark porn lads and white porn boys. Pecker size and skill, not skin color, matters to Kim. Kim still performs today whilst her contemporaries have long been with out the glamour modeling world. Very not many beauties have this kind of lasting force.

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Amiee Roberts – Kitchen Spread

Kitchen Spread

Kitchen Spread

Amiee Roberts is recent to sexy modeling, but all this babe has to do is be herself and it is all good. Showing what a kitchen widen is all about, Amiee doesn’t acquire around to cooking everything. That babe is also busy playing with her large mammaries and fondelling her cooch.

What do u love to do for fun?

Amiee: Check out sports and hang out with my girlfriends.

What’s your prefered sex position?

Amiee: Being on top does it almost any breathtaking for me.

What makes u extra wanton?

Amiee: Having my neck kissed.

Do you use toys at home?

Amiee: I use a sex-toy.

Do you have any special time of the day that u adore to do it?

Amiee: Usually at night before going to sleep.

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Kate Marie – Goddess Of Your Dreams

Girl Of Your Dreams

Girl Of Your Dreams

Writes Jack from Chicago, “Kate Marie is a handsome and desirable domme, and I hope The SCORE Group can convince this marvelous sweetheart to make many return trips to the SCORE studios.”

That’s a fact, Jack.

“My love bubbles are a 36H,” Kate says. “They’re been this size for about 3 years. And some people think 36 is so big, but it’s not. It just means you’ve broader shoulders to compensate for carrying around smth that is so big.”

Kate painted a vivid description of how her peachy couple should be treated.

“Whenever u grope a woman, you do not caress her from the top. That’s not comfortable. You do not grab them from the front and squeeze them. U should come from the side and fondle there and knead ’em like dough. From the side and below and push them jointly and kneading, but not adore stress-balling. It is not a stress ball! Don’t do it.”

Words for breast-men to live by.

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Liza Biggs – Big busted Bathing costume Baby

Big busted Bathing dress Baby

Busty Bathing costume Baby

The way Liza Biggs wears that bathing dress brings tears of enjoyment to a man’s eyes. It receive to be a state-of-the-art, well-engineered swim costume top to support her bountiful treasures. It is also nice to watch Liza outdoors in a lush setting.

Liza’s trimmed down a bit but her bigger in size than standard meatballs remain the same. She has the kind of natural spot-reducing metabolism that ignores her milk sacks. Not many big boobed cuties are so blessed; breast size usually yo-yos with weight gain or loss.

Liza calls herself a “Bl-erman.” She’s darksome and German. Big mangos run in her family. All the females have large tits. “I have the massive titties in my family,” says Liza. “My cousins, aunts, grandma, they all have bigger in size than run of the mill bra buddies.”

Liza collects her SCORELAND scenes on her computer. That babe told when this babe 1st modeled, that babe wasn’t sure what to expect. But now her confidence has increased as she’s gained more experience; readers’ compliments and comments have also helped.

Liza appears as a guest on the 1st video of SCOREtv season TWO in a constricted, low-cut costume that requires a permit to wear in public.

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