Anika: A Sucker For Hard 10-Pounder

Anika: A Sucker For Stiff Pecker

Anika: A Sucker For Rock hard Cock

Anika Anderssen keeps herself in shape through fitness routines. “I do cardio work-outs six times a week and I work out with weights two times a week,” Anika told. “It’s very important to me to keep my body in the sexiest shape I can. I like to dress super-sexy in public places…that female-dominant in a short, tight, denim petticoat and exotic dancer shoes at Costco or Target?…that’s me! I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and coz of the weather, I can suit love that year-round.”

Anika handled JMac’s rod very well. With her high sex drive, is she a size queen? You can by no means tell with sweethearts.

“Yes, size does matter but it’s likewise overrated,” Anika says. “I prefer a thick seven inches more than a slender ten-plus. I’ve had an 11 inch dick previous to. But knowing how to eat muff is very important and it can compensate for the lack of size. My consummate penis is betwixt eight and nine inches and very thick. With the right boy, I adore to acquire bukkake. I also like to spread the cum over my face and boobies so I do not drink that often.”

Anika appears to be to have begun and ended her porn career with SCORE. Also bad, because she’d be great for the SEXY HOUSEWIFE sites.

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Backseat Driver

Backseat Driver

Backseat Driver

Looking for a pleasure driving companion? You cannot go not correct choosing Isis Haze as your traveling buddy. But give Isis the backseat. That babe needs plenty of room to stretch out. That babe also needs lots of room to release her greater than average scones (Naturals? U wager!) from her red crop-top.

A feature stripper based in Wisconsin, Isis is definitely not demure and this babe wasn’t worried about people on the road seeing her backseat gyrations. In fact, that babe was very comfortable playing with her love tunnel. “I adore your car!” Isis exclaims as she fingers her honey-hole. “The bumpy ride makes it so much more incredible!”

The auto industry might urge to check this scene out and learn how to make more valuable car commercials.

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Hot, Pink & Big-Boob

Sexy, Pink & Big boobed

Hot, Pink & Busty

“My girlfriends know I do this and they are worthwhile about it,” Denisa tells a employees member who translated her Czech into English. Near the end of her discharge, she’s handed a sex tool and follows the photographer’s instructions on how to lick it and stick it.

“I thought my girlfriends would like to try it, too, but they are seeing jealous boyfriends. Fortunately, I do not have any guy adore that in my life and I’m free to do as I like. If I wanna model, I can do it. It doesn’t take all day and I do not need to take instructs at an office from a mean boss.”

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Boob Force To The Nth degree

Boob Vigour To The Nth degree

Boob Vigour To The Nth degree

Maserati has told that that babe feels blessed to have her gigantic, natural, pliable pointer sisters. That babe knows how many women pay plenty of specie to doctors to have greater than typical love bubbles. Maserati developed young and it took some time for her to like what nature blessed her with.

When it is the time and the place to dress-up to show her fullsome funbags off, Maserati knows how to rock the house. When it’s time to go casual, such as when she is doing archetypical errands in public, that babe dresses to downplay her rich assets.

This photo-shoot uses a staircase to photograph Maserati at a low-angle and that helps the photographer enslave some classic bust shots. Filming a adult model with a bod love this, one of the high-reaching and almost all expert bust glamour models ever, u can acquire some astounding pix.

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Nila’s Really Big Brandish

Nila’s Really Bigger than standard Flaunt

Nila's Really Large Show

What do browsers of XL Cuties mag must say about charming dark-skinned brown Nila (pronounced Neela) Mason? A lot! Here are some letters from previous issues.

From Seth:

“Dear XL Angels, I dreamed and XL Gals found her: fetching hotty Nila Mason (SP306). I hope this babe will not prevent with solo posing and our dreams of her fucking with a charmer will come true. Nila is simply marvelous. She’s glamourous in every way: eyes, smile, hair and, obviously, her agreeable curves deliver the knockout punch. She’s a sweetheart of curvaceous proportions and my new favorite. Thank’s, Nila.”

From P.W.:

“Dear XL Girls, Nila Mason (SP306) is ideal in each feature. This babe cant be bettered unless she can gain a bit more weight around her stomach, hips and arse.
Remarkable shape, form and skin tone, color and texture. The size of her nips is spot-on. Her scones are velvety and ample. Her pink flaps are the ideal size for mouthing.”

If you look up the definition of man-pleaser in the dictionary, you’ll identify a photo of Nila Mason.

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Rule, Britannia Bikini!

Rule, Britannia Bikini!

Rule, Britannia Swim dress!

It’s Union Jack bathing costume time for British super-model Katie Thornton, and after some bathing costume pix to initiate this glamour photoshoot, contented Brit Katie will be taking off her swim costume and flying the Union Jack high. Rule, Britannia!

As a contented sports fan, Katie supports Manchester United F.C. and tries to catch ’em on TV when that babe can. It’s hard to believe this babe only works out “sometimes” with that constricted and buxom sexbomb body.

“I always go out wearing the tightest costume,” told Katie, a hotty who dresses upscale-sexy and often posts images on Twitter and Instagram. Katie is in the oozing for 2016 SCORE Porn star of the year. Her humongous challenger will be three-time MOY winner Hitomi. We’ll see what happens when irresistible power meets immovable object.

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Push In The Bush

Poke In The Bush

Push In The Bush

April McKenzie was Twenty two previous to that babe even heard of SCORE and Voluptuous. Shocking, no? This alone is an indictment of the poor educational system in America that needs an overhaul.

“I’m originally from Georgia, but I live in the Tampa, Florida area,” told April, a past Voluptuous Beginner of the Year. “When my bra-busters 1st started getting bigger in size than typical I was more coy about it and would wear loose shirts that did not display my figure very much. Things that buttoned all the way up and did not reveal any breast valley.”

Even though she’s a southern belle, April can be sexually aggressive. It depends on the dude she’s hooking-up with. “I love to take charge sometimes. I do not like to have somebody telling me what to do. I wanna take the lead. I adore for a stud to be very good and romantic, very fascinating. I urge him to try to please me more than please himself. That means a lot to me.”

And a big shlong means a lot to April too. This babe is had plenty since that babe got into hardcore. View how this babe holds and squeezes our bro’s balls as that buck jerks his sperm on her face. Very scarcely any cuties do this. They should!

“I love to be rubbed around the bouncy bosoms, on the sides. My nipps are very sensitive and in a way they are likewise sensitive. For ’em to be squeezed very hard or pinched indeed hurts, so it is more good to work around my mounds and squeeze and play with the entire thing. I suppose most cuties must be warmed up sluggishly. The superlatively worthwhile advice I could give a fellow is to take your time and slow down. It may take a during the time that to receive where u want to go, but if u warm a female up sluggishly she’ll indeed wish you to have intercourse with her, you’ll make her cum and, you know what? She’ll wanna have sex with you again cuz you were a valuable lover who took your time and got her off truly admirable. Believe me, it is worth it.”

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Check Into The Randy Hotel

Check Into The Slutty Hotel

Check Into The Lewd Hotel

When it comes to the ladies, almost all porn categories have subdivisions. In XL Angels, there’re the professionals who do porn and undressed modeling full-time as a career and there are the non-professionals who do it now and then for kicks, for the fulfillment of personal fantasies, the excitement of being filmed and watching themselves later at home and for a solid paycheck. For many, there’s the added kick of getting screwed by a porn schlong with no drama. CJ Woods is a country MILF who decided to take the large plunge in 2014 and she seems to get hornier every time this babe comes back to XL Cuties.

In this scene, CJ and Bambino have checked into a hotel…a great place for a lusty getaway. CJ is sexy for a valuable time and she’s going to acquire it right away. She’s got the look of orgasmic happiness on her face as she acquires smashed from behind and on top of her bonk buddy. “I love any position from behind,” said CJ. “Bent over a ottoman, table or chair. I am gratified by being pounded indeed hard doggystyle after I am satisfied by a man’s mouth.

“My clips do turn me on when I am watching them with someone. It usually leads to hardcore sex. But it hasn’t changed my personality. I am still the down-home lady I’ve always been. I’m domesticated. I cook, bake, decorate cakes, sew and do anything that is crafty.”

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