Shelby Gibson – Stacked In Swimsuits

Stacked In Swimsuits

Stacked In Swimsuits

With her bright eyes and happy-to-be-here smile, Shelby Gibson is back to the Large Brandish trying on bizarre swimsuits. Shelby, the ultra-slim, ultra-stacked wife of a SCORE reader, has the kind of body that is perfect for radical, excessively skimpy bikinis and monokinis. A container of dental floss contains more material than her bikinis.

Heads turn and eyes spread when Shelby wears those little numbers to the beach or to a pool. Wolf-whistles can sometimes be heard in the distance. After showing her suits, Shelby heads indoors to unveil her bush, a rarity those days for honeys from all walks of life.

We talked to Shelby during the episode and also after.

SCORE: Anyway SCORE mag, do u read raunchy books? If yep, which ones?

Shelby: No, porn videos and fotos are better. But I do read mysteries.

SCORE: Do you hang out with other big breasted sweethearts?

Shelby: I do have some pretty big busted allies and we have a great time going out together. We always get a lot of attention!

SCORE: Do u have any girlfriends built adore u? And would she adult model?

Shelby: I have several busty friends who are pretty sexy but they’re not as large as I am. They would probably adult model for sexy clothing or merchandise but I do not think that they would in nature’s garb adult model. They don’t even know that I’m a SCORE Angel!

SCORE: Do u receive to have your tops fitted or can you discover them off the rack?

Shelby: Custom made is my solely option.

SCORE: If we were to see u just out shopping at the mall, what would u be wearing?

Shelby: It depends a bit on my mood but usually I’m in a fine, constricted top with taut jeans and heels.

SCORE: Do people ask you if you are a glamour model?

Shelby: Not all the time but occasionally. It’s a real ego booster.

SCORE: Do u care for your love bubbles in any particular way, such as rubbing lotion into them?

Shelby: I do not use lotion on ‘em very often but I do use lube for tittie banging. And I indeed LOVE rubbing new hawt cum on them!

SCORE: Do u go braless in a Tee shirt?

Shelby: Yeah, any time I can…which is majority of the time.

SCORE: What position do u sleep in?

Shelby: I sleep nude on my side or back. I can’t sleep on my abdomen.

SCORE: You are in swimsuit glamour model shape. What kind of work-outs do u do to stay so fit? Leaking, weights, Pilates…?

Shelby: Thanks. Bike riding and stationary bike work best for my figure but A LOT OF sex is the most breathtaking workout!

SCORE: Have you ever had a G-Spot climax? What triggers it?

Shelby: No, but my clitoris, gazoo, pantoons and nipples are very sensitive. I have lots of orgasms which I think is why I adore sex so much.

SCORE: Has having mountainous bouncy bosoms enhanced your sex life?

Shelby: Definitely. They have truly spiced things up. The supplementary attention is very empowering. And they’ve opened up a lot more opportunities.

SCORE: Are you into impure talking during sex?

Shelby: Bonk yes! I adore talking dirty and getting talked indecent to. It appears to be to really fire up the dudes even more which just adds to the joy!

SCORE: Do you think vixens should be allowed to be topless anywhere it’s legal for bucks to be shirtless?

Shelby: I kind of like honeys being different. I guess being scantily overspread in public is actually more hawt than if we were just topless.

SCORE: Have you had sex in public places? Have you ever had sex in a taxi? Do u love sex in cars?

Shelby: I think it may sound funny since I adore showing off but I’m not into public sex. If I knew it was all adults watching, it might be different but I am also worried that some kid will watch the act which I do not wish. That’s what’s great about the SCORE shoots, all adults, so all joy! I adore reading the comments that the members write about my pix and episodes. Please keep them coming. I discover them very encouraging.

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CJ Woods – Cute, Curvy, Wicked

Cute, Shapely, Naughty

Cute, Curvacious, Naughty

CJ Woods is back with her second sexalicious boy-girl scene at XL Girls. For a beginner, CJ took to the digi camera love she’s been doing this her whole life. She is very comfortable and has a joy time.

XLGirls: What scenes or glamour models have u viewed at XL Gals that truly excite you?
CJ Woods: Liza Biggs in the pool scene…very sexy.

XLGirls: Do u tell a dude what you like when you’re in bed so there’s no delay in your gratification.
CJ Woods: I am passive, but I definitely tell my boyfriend what I adore, or to not avoid, if that Lothario is doing something that I’m actually relishing.

XLGirls: What #1 foreplay do u adore a ladies man to do?
CJ Woods: I am a defiance to get turned on, so my spouse usually has to put tons of effort into thrilling me. Examples are giving a kiss my neck and ears and going all the way down to my wazoo. Watching him touch himself is a actually large turn on for me.

XLGirls: How should a fellow handle your meatballs? Squashy or hard?
CJ Woods: I like it coarse!

XLGirls: What is the majority odd position you have ever attempted?
CJ Woods: Definitely the reverse cowgirl!

XLGirls: Do u like looking in a mirror during sex?
CJ Woods: I adore mirrors, especially when I am giving a oral job.

XLGirls: Do u adore to talk dirty in sofa? If yes, what are the things you like to say?
CJ Woods: I don’t say a lot in ottoman. But if I’m truly into it, I’ll tell my hubby to slap my wazoo, suck harder, cum on my booty, things love that.

XLGirls: What makes your nipples rock hard?
CJ Woods: My hubby gently dripping his fingers or tongue on my side up to my pantoons, and teasing me.

XLGirls: Do you like to have your areolas pinched and/or pulled?
CJ Woods: I LIKE IT all!

XLGirls: In your personal life, has anyone watched u having sex?
CJ Woods: No, not at all.

XLGirls: When you saw your 1st scene with Tony, what did u think? Did u check out it alone or with a lad friend?
CJ Woods: I watched it alone. I actually could not believe that was me. I have always been very reserved and kind of shy and to think many people were going to watch this…

XLGirls: Did u have sex or masturbate during the time that you watched it or after?
CJ Woods: Not the first time I observed it.

XLGirls: When you were growing up, were you always a bigger cutie, or did that happen as u matured?
CJ Woods: I wasn’t always a big goddess. I really weighed 102 pounds at once with an 18 inch waist. I was around Twenty eight years mature. But I still had a D cup.

XLGirls: Are you competent to tell by how a boy touches you whether you wanna go any farther?
CJ Woods: I can tell more so by the way this smooth operator looks at me…

XLGirls: When u returned home, did you masturbate and fantasize about your experiences and the boys u had sex with here?
CJ Woods: If I would had time, I probably would have. Being away from my kids, there is not lots of time for that when I have been gone.

XLGirls: Any message to members and browsers of XL Beauties?
CJ Woods: I’d adore to say hey! Keep it real. Peace, and always be kind to one another!

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Maya Milano – Boob Dreams

Boob Dreams

Boob Dreams

“New milk cans to the fore!” writes Rex, a V-mag reader. “Maya Milano indeed has the voluptuous body u are known for. Those haunches are the flawless ones to wrap around one’s neck!”

“Maya Milano is astounding, exactly the kind of beauty I adore seeing,” comments Sean. “She reminds me of both Karina Hart and Natalie Fiore. Breath taking female and I hope we watch more of her.”

Naturally titanic chested Maya isn’t fluent in English although her dictate of the language is improving. It doesn’t matter. Language differences have no meaning at SCORELAND. It’s all about the gal and her large tits.

Through her interpreter, Maya said she has terrible problems finding bras that fit well, look worthy and are comfortable to wear for long stretches. This babe usually goes on-line to watch what bras look just right for her.
Maya is focused on her university studies right now but when this babe graduates, will this babe go full-time as a adult model or proceed part-time as this babe does now? Maya hasn’t decided but she has all the time in the world.

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Nadia Villanova – Bodacious Buxotic

Bodacious Buxotic

Bodacious Buxotic

Nadia Villanova makes her SCORELAND initial debut in a hot glamour photoshoot and episode that reveals each inch of her stacked, slight body. The blue-eyed brunette hair is recent on the scene and detected SCORE when a friend told her that we try to find big-boobed babes.

“I masturbate all the time,” says Nadia, “and I’ve sex daily, sometimes twice a day. I savour sucking schlong and then getting banged stiff! My much loved position is being on top. I am mostly passive when I’m with a lad but it likewise depends on my mood at the time.”
“My carnal fantasy is 3 fetching beauties and three pretty boyz touching with tongue and banging me.”

“The funniest thing a dude every told to me was ‘Where’s Cupid? ‘Cause this chab just discharged me.'”

The next time we watch Nadia at SCORELAND, she’ll be bouncing with a pro-cock inside her cum-hole. “Porn is the majority enjoyment thing I have ever done,” Nadia says.

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Liza Biggs – A Caramel Bombshell

A Caramel Bombshell

A Caramel Bombshell

Gals don’t come much sexier than Liza Biggs. They do not come much bustier either. Though u men probably know by now, we can’t help mentioning that Liza boasts JJJ cup mammaries. Triple-J and the J’s stand for killer, jackable jugs. And boob hounds the world over have thoroughly enjoyed Liza’s sizzling-hot initial appearance pix and episodes. Especially her launch hardcore scene where Liza likewise popped her hardcore cherry. Told an anonymous user: “Best bra buddies on xlgirls ever.” And user Maddien said: “Anal HC in the second layout is really odd. Liza acts like a accomplished. Wow.”

That babe screws like a accustomed and she appears adore an gal. Liza isn’t banging today, but she’s the type of gal who can acquire you off just as well in a solo set. That babe acquires charming wicked in this one, likewise. Liza likes tit play, so of course that babe caresses, tanalises and squeezes her healthy, squishy bouncy bosoms. Liza then moves down to her love tunnel and clit, which are soaking luscious. And adore we titled her aforementioned XXX first appearance, Liza loves anal. So she slides a finger in and with out her constricted gazoo while fondling her caramel milk shakes. Liza is as precious as it receives. A true caramel bombshell.

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Angelica Raven – If The Shoe Fits You Receive to Squeeze Her Fun bags

If The Shoe Fits U Must Squeeze Her Milk shakes

If The Shoe Fits U Have to Squeeze Her Tits

Some angels have a “fuck-me” face regardless of their sex drives, erotic behavior and personality. Angelica Raven has that face. Angelica (first known as “Busty Becky” when she debuted at SCORE) goes to a shoe store and winds up getting fucked by the manager in his intimate office/fuck palace. Is this why boys open shoe and bra stores? Makes sense. An endless supply of hotties parade in and with out those shops. It’s elementary pickins.

“I usually make the 1st move,” Angelica said in an interview. “I know, within five minutes of meeting a lad, whether or not I’ll sleep with him; all I’ve to know is whether or not this dude urges me. If he does, I prefer to skip the bullshit and just go after what I want, although, I won’t fib, I do savour teasing him for a little during the time that beforehand. Half of the joy is in delaying the joy until the absolute breaking point. I discover sex is much more rough and ardent that way. Just how I adore it! Being nailed truly subrigid, truly fast, and actually deep! I like coarse sex and slavery, so the combination just drives me wild and makes me cum harder than everything you could ever imagine!”

The more we talked, the hotter Angelica talked, proving that all cuties have a wild side, at least at some point in their lives, and that girls who get into porn have sex drives much higher than the ordinary girl. That’s what leads ‘em into making porn in the first place. Treating them love princesses doesn’t bring out their real heat. They’d rather screw the coarse stable-hand than the prince. They just won’t say it.

“I like slavery! I adore being dominated with a little light S&m, but I likewise adore to dominate! I just have a tendency to get a little also coarse when I am in charge and almost all people are scared by that so I usually end up being the yielding one. Not that I’m complaining! I love being spanked. I adore the occasional coercive unfathomable face hole. I like talking smutty and being talked bawdy to coz I like the mental photos combined with whatever I’m feeling at the moment.”

Angelica dropped with out sight in 2004 and resurfaced in 2007, trimmer and slimmer than this babe was at SCORE but wilder than ever. Since then, Angelica’s been in and with out porn–sometimes in, sometimes MIA.

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April McKenzie – Pounding The Pledges Part TWO

Pounding The Pledges Part TWO

Pounding The Pledges Part 2

To receive into Omega Boobies, the Big-Boob sorority house on campus, April McKenzie and her mate pledges need to clean the kitchen floor by command of their bitch-witch pledge master Gianna, a evil task-mistress. The other beauties take off, leaving April alone to scrub the floor. The campus gent wanders in and sees something interesting underneath April’s T-shirt. Specifically, her bigger in size than average bumpers. April could use a break from cleaning the floor. After sizing him up, she’d rather clean his pecker with her tongue. “Like to watch my scones?” that babe asks. That’s a question? It doesn’t take lengthy for ‘em to commence rogering their brains out. After all, this is high-school. That is what they’re there for.

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Samantha Sanders – Ball batter My Fullsome funbags

Ball cream My Mammaries

Cream My Tits

Big-Boob British legend Samantha Sanders, now retired from modeling, says she acquires patted down when this babe goes through airports. No surprise there. Who can blame these excited security boyz and gals? That is what happens to her. It happened when she came from England to adult model at The SCORE Group and afresh when she went home.

Since that babe was a gal, Samantha’s vehement hobby is riding horses. Samantha loves to horseback ride and that babe competes around Britain. She is an competent horsewoman. The first time Samantha had sex, this babe said it happened in the hay stables where she kept her horse. That sounds adore one of those Victorian novels.

Samantha has a sexual fantasy you wouldn’t think an Englishwoman would have. She’d adore to be a cowgirl in the American West. To satisfy that dream, Samantha booked a trip to a smooth operator ranch in Montana. The solely cowgirl here is the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl poses on the studio beds.

A lawyer by profession at the time this babe modeled here, Samantha solely dabbled in modeling and hardcore. This babe certainly had the humongous bumpers and greater than average wazoo for it. That babe talks about her legal career in the opening of this episode.

It’s mindboggling that this curvacious, stacked blond defended criminals and assorted low-lives in court. Samantha said this babe actually discovered her work interesting and this babe liked to visit clients in prison. We’re sure the guards enjoyed her bouncing visits too. That babe could receive defendants off by showing the jury her melons.

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