Karen Martin – Mammary Lane

Mammary Lane

Mammary Lane

Karen Martin wasn’t a model when she sent her test shots to us in the mid-90s. This babe was curious and she had an exhibitionistic streak that was busting to get out. That babe saw our magazines and leafed throughout them. The seed was planted.

So Karen had a friend take some at-home shots of her in the muscular. This was when digital photography was still in the planning stage and Polaroids or print snaps were the standard. Today, cell phone cameras make anything so facile.

Karen’s photos were not truly at-home. This babe went out to the woods by her place and took them. Always appreciative of beauties who take the time and interest themselves to contact us directly, our editor-in-chief checked ’em out and previous to lengthy Karen was in the studio. Karen took an massive personal delight in making the transition to experienced glamour modeling for a short time. She went totally undressed, was comfortable in any position including spreading her vagina lips open and even did a soft-core sex layout with a male. We wonder what this babe is doing this day.

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