Natalie Fiore – Natalie’s Anatomy Lesson

Natalie’s Anatomy Lesson

Natalie's Anatomy Lesson

The first-year student body is in total awe of Miss Natalie Fiore. That babe continues to train in her classroom when she should be getting willing to make her imminent specific delivery. That is dedication to all XL Bucks.

The principal has given Natalie Fiore carte blanche to suit as she pleases. That fellow is a tit-man likewise, and Natalie is not about to give up her very low-cut tops that unveil acres of warm, soft breast valley made to suck a fortunate man’s face or wang.

The lesson plan this day is all about Natalie’s body, her unfuckingbelievably titanic fullsome funbags, her sweet pussy-hole and sex education in general. It is a practical lesson plan. Natalie will be demonstrating anything on her desk. She urges her students to know everything and what better way than to use her own excellent anatomy.

It was no surprise that when the class ended, half the students offered to carry her briefcase and the other half loitered in the room so they could sniff the desk after that babe left. Everyone went home to jack to thoughts of Miss Fiore.

Class dismissed.

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Kerry Marie – On Location Costa del Sol Part 3

On Location Costa del Sol Part THREE

On Location Costa del Sol Part 3

Cassandra has given Nicole Peters instructions about boob adult modeling and now it’s Ines Cudna’s turn in part three of On Location Costa del Sol. Cassandra enters the home gym of her modeling academy and finds Ines working out in the muscly. Cassandra herself is absolutely undressed except for her high heels.

Using the gym’s mirrors, Cassandra trains Ines in tit-play and lip-spreading. They get on their backs on the mats and continue their practice. Cassandra acquires also turned on by Ines’ fashionable body and face. She receives on top of Ines, tit-to-tit, and together they cross the teacher-student borders. Their breathing deepens from the teat stimulation and their roles reverse, with Ines getting on top of her instructor.

The sexually indefatigable Cassandra leaves the gym and walks over to Kerry Marie at swimming pool side. Kerry is sunning and looks spectacular. Cassandra has a hawt lesson planned for the big breasted Brit–complete with greasy oil and sex toys–and Kerry is a ready student. This was Kerry’s first time on-camera with dildos and sextoys. Cassandra and Kerry use a long double-headed toy, one end for each girl’s bawdy cleft, and shag each other until they make that O-face in a shuddering larger than run of the mill O.

The girls need to kewl off from the heat of their sex play and the heat of the day so all four breast goddesses dive into the swimming pool. The captivating underwater photography is filled with submerged girls and floating bra-busters. Seek a unequalled pont of time around 21:00 when Cassandra places her milk shakes in front of the pool’s outlet valve, the rush of water poking her funbags in love invisible hands.

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Barbie Kelley – Breasty Wife Spanks It Sticky

Big busted Wife Spanks It Sticky

Busty Wife Spanks It Sticky

Barbie Kelley is the big-boobed wife of a SCORE magazine browser. Her interest in bare modeling was piqued when spouse shared his reading material. With his encouragement, this babe decided to take the plunge herself.

The same way “video killed the radio star,” phone sex lines are not what they used to be cuz of the internet. Even so, Barbie’s sultry, silky and hawt voice is perfect for phone sex. This video is corroboration.

Let’s receive into the mind of a SCORE reader’s wife.

How should a wife treat a partner who buys SCORE?

“Constant attention is key. Dressing sexy for no particular occasion and giving massages are 2 things I do at home.”

SCORE: What kind of things receive you lustful?

“Flirting with strangers, for one.”

SCORE: How would you spend a million dollars?

“I’d buy more sexy shoes and lingerie.”

SCORE: The foremost compliment u have ever received.

“Someone asked for my autograph thinking I was Sandra Bullock.”

SCORE: What makes u feel hot?

“Hot new heels. Getting all dolled-up in tight jeans, short-shorts or underware.”

SCORE: Has glamour modeling at SCORE changed u at all?

“Not indeed. I’ve always been very open sexually and SCORE gave me the opportunity to broaden that horizon.”

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Sunshine – Sperm My Mounds

Goo My Marangos

Cream My Tits

In this XL Beauties Classic “Cream My Knockers,” it is a breasty feast of feasts with Sunshine, a gal who has a lot to give, and give it up this babe does, time after time. Sex with Sunshine is no quickie. It is a breast-sex adventure. Those bra buddies were made for sucking and screwing each single day.

Tony knew that pie was not intend to get thrown in his face. Sunshine uses her jugs to spread the filling all over him. This chab licks the rich carbs right off Sunshine’s tasty mounds and goes avid with erotic delirium.

Sunshine does one of our much loved moves. Instead of blowing him, she has him fuck her open throat as this babe tickles and squeezes his testicles. Then this chab gives huge-chested Sunshine the cream right without his fuckin’ nuts in a boinking scene so hawt, the pie plate melted.

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Mischel Lee – Cam-Chat With Mischel

Cam-Chat With Mischel

Cam-Chat With Mischel

In this Bonus clip showcasing fresh SCORELAND arrival Mischel Lee, our crew and a translator talk to Mischel and learn a not many things about her. Lads who love to hear hot sweethearts talk in their native tongues will relish this sit-down.

Mischel comes from a petite town in the Czechia and now lives in Prague. It’s a large jump to the bigger than average town and there’s some culture shock but Mischel knows how to handle herself and that babe sure knows how to handle her big bosoms as that babe showed in her 1st movie scene.

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Sara – Nobody Does It Adore Sara

Nobody Does It Adore Sara

Nobody Does It Like Sara

Saying nobody does it adore Sara is an understatement. Though it’s been less than a year since her initial debut, Sara has already done it all and screwed a lot–much to the delight of XL Males worldwide. Already one of our hottest new beauties, it is always great to have her back. Especially when Sara is banging. That babe has a cock-lust not identified likewise often. Even around these parts. That babe is a sensual, take charge honey, also… something we like in a hotty. Something we know our buddy Thomas Lee will appreciate.

“I am 50-50,” Sara told when we asked her if she was more passive or assertive. “Sometimes I need my ladies man to take control, but sometimes I wanna be in charge. To dominate him.”

That is just what Sara and Thomas do in this steamy photo-shoot. Thomas begins by fondling her mellons before going down on Sara’s succulent bawdy cleft. Then Sara pulls out Thomas’ now-throbbing pecker and tugs and sucks until he can’t hold out any longer and he is gotta shag Sara’s bawdy cleft. Sara says that babe doesn’t decide much, so banging as often as possible is how this babe keeps her figure and FF-cup whoppers looking magnificent.

“I have sex almost daily,” this babe said. “If I do not, I feel upset and anxious. Sex is my beloved thing to do.

We can see that, Sara. Detect out the even hotter movie scene to watch how much that babe enjoys a nice fuck.

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Micky Bells – “You Can Ring My Bells”

“You Can Ring My Bells”

It took Micky Bells about seven months to go from 2013 Voluptuous Plumper of the Year winner to SCORE Goddess. September ’14 SCORE initially debuted her fresh look on newsstands worldwide. Seven months of diet, exercise and will force. Micky abandoned junk food, trained more and slept more. During the time that we’ve loved her in all of her looks, now Micky has the body this babe wanted.

“If my meatballs had gotten also small, I’d have gained the weight back,” said Micky who began web-cam adult modeling in 2008 and came to SCORE in 2011. “But I’ve always been busty, and I guess an H-cup is not bad at all.” Micky’s marangos began their voyage of growth-spurting when she was 15.

Micky recommends that cam-girls should try real photo-modeling as she has done. They’ll find it a life-changer. Micky has traveled to Mexico and the Caribbean with SCORE and met many of her great peers on those shoots, such as Natalie Fiore.

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Jenna Jayden – 38H-Cup Blonde Urges Cooze Man-juice

38H-Cup Blonde Urges Cooze Sex cream

38H-Cup Blond Wants Cooze Cream

Brickhouse apprentice Jenna Jayden is overheated and that babe is sexy for Tony DeSergio’s porn-cock. Jenna’s making the move from feature dancer in Canton, Ohio to pornstar and SCORE is her first prevent. Clothed in all-red lingerie, Jenna suggests Tony the larger than standard boy’s equivalent of a voyage to the candy store…her stacked 46-30-38 body and 38H-cup funbags!

Tony lip-locks onto Jenna’s mountainous mangos, sucking her pointy teats and burying his face betwixt them. Jenna is wearing split-panties. Tony doesn’t need to pull her belts to the side to finger-drill her vagina and feel her moist candy box.

Tony de-pants and suggests his longhorn to the big boobed blonde lap dancer. She’s hungry for man-meat and dives for his wiener, mouthing it and wrapping her big love muffins around it.

Jenna’s bodacious bazooms were made for tit-banging. They are fucking monumental and even bigger than standard rods get lost in them as this scene proves. Jenna acquires on her back so her bumpers can form a valley for his skin-bus to drive throughout. It is promptly lost between those twin peaks but finds its way out for a travel into her pink-lined tunnel of longing.

For Jenna’s 1st shag, that babe climbs on-board in a cowgirl position, riding and grinding. And that is just the starting. Jenna is excited about relishing the act with super-studs and getting into the wild, wild world of porn where sex is an event. That babe loves “straight-up screwing! And a lil’ pussy-licking at not time hurts either!”

As far as foreplay, Jenna says, “I’m the type of cutie who’d rather just kick off fuckin’! But when there’s foreplay, I love my clit gently fondelled and licked and my meatballs sucked.”

Where does Jenna get her gift of semen? The answer is in the title of her first hardcore scene.

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