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Different from almost all categories of in nature’s garb modeling, XL Girls attracted many vixens who came from ordinary walks of life. They were not exotic dancers or accomplished entertainers. The internet revolution led many babes to take up in nature’s garb modeling. Often behind each great lady is a buck who encourages her and likes to watch her stripped, masturbating and sometimes more. This was the case with Nikki Cars. “It was just for the joy of it,” Nikki said XL Girls’ editors. “It was my husband’s idea. He came home one day and told, ‘We should put undressed images on the internet.’ So that’s what we did. It was just a pleasure thing to do, and I ended up actually liking it. We at no time actually expected everything out of it at all.”

Rose Valentina lived not far from the XL Girls’ offices. That babe didn’t have a lad behind her love Nikki did but she had a few males behind her, and in her, during her shoots. During those years, XLGirls began to produce their own feature videos such as Big Girl Sex School, Obese Desires, Double-Stuffed Plumpers and Plush Control. When My Large Plump Wedding was being planned, Rose was invited to be one of the co-stars.

Rose identified XL Angels through a friend. “I was friends with his ex-wife and that babe had larger than average bumpers, maybe like a DD or a DDD,” Rose told in a 2009 interview. “She always told me I should come here but I had at no time done glamour modeling before. I decided to try it and sent my fotos in and the next week I was in here shooting! U guys are the superlatively nice company I’ve ever discharged for by far!”

Arianna Sinn was a popular web webcam angel out of Romania. When we sent a photographer there to photograph her, Arianna was pumped up more like a SCORE or Voluptuous gal. Six months later, Arianna had plumped-up to XL Girl dimensions. It was very similar to Kerry Marie’s evolution from slim and stacked natural to chubby playgirl. Arianna’s steamy sex scenes in the Caribbean for the Mammary Mambo DVD made the tropics even hotter. “I love any kind of smooth operator as long as he is laughable, keeps himself clean and knows how to treat a mistresse,” Arianna told. “I don’t like dudes who are rude or pushy and need to have their own way. I like a ladies man who is respectful and knows how to romance a lady. Stylish, kind and generous. Good personality. Looks dont matter.”

Pleasant Alice Webb always drew adoring emails and letters whenever any of her pictorials were published. That babe did very little movie but what that babe did made an impact. The funniest pick-up line Alice has ever heard in her life was, “Excuse me. I’m about to go home and masturbate, and I need a name for that face.” A tower of milk shakes and wazoo vigour at 5’10″ with 40HH pillows, Alice studied karate for eight years. She can probably knock out a man with one swing of her king-size boobs.

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Tori Karsin – Swim dress Strip

Swimsuit Strip

Bikini Strip

It’s the first time at SCORELAND for Tori Karsin, a grey-eyed bikini blonde from Houston, Texas. Tori detected out about SCORE through Twitter.

Wearing a bathing dress that resembles dental floss, especially from the back, Tori chats with the cameraman for a minute before she walks to the pool, takes off her bottoms, kicks off her heels and peels off her top.

Tori skinny-dips for a hardly any minutes, walks back into the abode naked, dries off and gets off on the floor, giving her snatch a priceless spanky. “I masturbate daily,” says Tori. “At least once. Majority of the time, more than that.”

Tori’s all-time favourite job was being a exotic dancer. Houston has been loaded with exotic dancing clubs for decades and Tori has her pick. That babe loves to go to lap dance clubs for enjoyment and relaxation also.

“I adore to go to titty bars. I adore to be in that sort of atmosphere, listening to the music, watching the dancers performing, watching their effect on the boyz. Sex is always in the air. It turns me on.”

“It was an absolute blast to be shooting for SCORELAND and I can not expect to watch the last photos and clips we worked on.”

Thank’s, Tori Karsin.

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Emilia – Sex Queen of Finland

Sex Queen of Finland

Sex Queen of Finland

Porn used to be illegal in Finland. In new decades, censorship has declined. As far as porn production, there is very little of that in Finland. Emilia was one of the rare Finnish porn stars.

Emilia was V-Mag’s first Finnish adult model from Kirkkonummi. And u may have thought “cunnilingus” was inflexible to pronounce. In ’98, Emilia came to the USA to make her porn videos since there wasn’t much going on back home. She made Fourty three titles in all, almost any of them in one year, but this babe at no time hooked up with Voluptuous during that travel to USA and she eventually returned home. This scene was shot in Finland a few years later.

“I always like anal,” told Emilia, a voluptuous, charming golden-haired with big natural melons and wide areolae. “The greater the weenie, the more fine I love it in my gazoo. Unfathomable inside my wazoo, in and out rigid. When Samson was about to cum after shoving his large jock inside my darksome hole, I said him to cum on my bulky, bigger than standard knockers. I know this is what bucks who like large bazookas want to see and I love it too.”

And cum Samson did after a uncommon reverse tit-fucking that you don’t watch often. This position allows the angel to engulf and lick a guy’s nuts and take up with the tongue his ass crack whilst he’s sliding his lever between her mellons, one of those sex acts that’s a total porn position. Tragically, Emilia didn’t take up with the tongue Samson’s gazoo while this chab reverse boob-banged her but she did tongue his sack as it dangled over her marvelous face.

So Emilia got the anal dicking with the large shlong this babe wanted in this super-raunchy scene from Voluptuous Xtra 8. Anything about this movie scene fits the definition of classic dirty, sleazy porn. Emilia even handpicked the man Samson who pounded her like a madman then slowly permeated her chocolate hole until he built up speed and depth.

Seeing this scene once more makes us wonder what happened to the Sex Queen of Finland who turned 39 in 2014.

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Brook Ultra – A Study In Brook

A Study In Brook

A Study In Brook

Brook Ultra is a little perverted. Well, maybe a lot kinky. But that babe is still a slight ‘n’ stacked hottie-next-door. But Brook doesn’t look kinky, at least not at first sight. No one who saw Brook working out in Miami (“South Beach Hawt Body”) would ever think that Brook is into being restrained, punished, tied-up and all that stuff. This babe doesn’t have the Goth fetish look associated with slavery & discipline and sado-masochism.

Brook’s into whips and ball-gags. “And spreader bars are excellent. I think everybody should invest in a spreader bar. A spreader bar is a bar you put between your legs so u can’t close them. It is very beneficial for both parties.”

“I’m obedient. I am not controlling at all. I love being fastened up. I like a man to tanalise me a little bit but then screw the shit without me truly, actually hard.” There is no shortage of boys who are barmy to do that!

Brook’s debut print mag is December ’14 SCORE.

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Kitty McPherson – Red Hot Kitty

Red Hot Kitty

Red Sexy Kitty

Final enjoyed in the lewd movie scene “Kiss My Ass Then Screw It,” Kitty McPherson chats to XLGirls about her masturbation habits. They are considerable! Kitty masturbates several hours a day. Fingers. Toys. Arse plugs. “I masturbate almost daily,” gorgeous and merry Kitty explains. “I rub my like button until I cum 2 or 3 times.”

And that’s just masturbating. Kitty is into fetishes such as BDSM.

Aside from all of that, Kitty sings. She doesn’t sing at XLGirls (how’d we miss that?) but you can see her play the ukulele and sing on YouTube. Kitty doesn’t take her clothes off, of course, ‘cuz the powers that be would delete her account. Those people don’t love stripped beauties love XLGirls does.

“Does masturbating count as working out?” Kitty asks. It does in the XLGirls playbook. Thrashing her overweight clit and plugging her taut little kitty is what every fitness pro we know would recommend.

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Holly Brooks – 2 Breasty Beauties

2 Big boobed Gals

Two Breasty Girls

Sheridan Love was spending a few days at SCORE. Holly Brooks was spending numerous days at SCORE. 2 extraordinarily big boobed, remarkably hawt cuties. Angels that each dude would like to have on his arm and on other places. That morning, when they met and saw each other in the dressing room, their craving for every other was immediate and strong. They licked their lips and their pupils expanded. We could see their urge to get it on was powerful. They were probably plan to hook up at some point so why not enslave the moment? And that is what happened that afternoon.

Sheridan and Holly are crazy about larger than run of the mill bumpers and love tunnel. Sheridan got down with Charlee Look for at SCORE exactly three years ago. We’ve not at all observed Holly make it with a gal as big busted as Sheridan. They were made for each other. They were meant to suck and lick and squeeze their bigger than average rogering mambos. They were meant to try on brassieres and raise their temperatures previous to they got nude and mashed their cunts together. They took turns being the top and the bottom, tasting their warm girl juices.

Instantaneous technology is a big part of our lives these days. When cameras used film, u never saw beauties taking pictures of themselves or their allies, even with instant cameras adore Polaroid. Today, each angel has a smart phone with a state-of-the-art digital camera. Every beauty is online, Tweeting, shooting selfies, taking images of friends and posting on social sites. Every goddess appears to be to be connected. Sheridan and Holly do not take a back seat to anyone in this. They adore being photographed and snapping smart phone images. Why not have Holly and Sheridan take smart phone selfies of every other tongueing, giving a kiss, fingering and tonguing while our cameras roll likewise? Two Big-Boob angels having excited joy.

Thank’s for being so sexy, Sheridan and Holly!

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Samantha – Most fine Hardcore

Almost any amazing Hardcore

Best Hardcore

Photographers often tell their adult models to “make like to the camera” when they’re posing. When you’ve three glamour models as raunchy and fleshly as those 3, those words aren’t necessary. Maria Moore, Samantha Kay and Sapphire are not solely 3 of the high reaching XL adult models ever, they’re also three of our high-reaching hardcore performers ever. They do not just make adore to the digital camera, they copulate the camera’s brains out until we’re all overspread in our own pecker pudding. The following pix give us a smack of what made these cuties so great.

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Cat Bangles – Bikini Cat

Bathing costume Cat

Bikini Cat

You know her, u like her. Cat Bangles is back to scratch your back. She’s looking awesome yet again in a bathing dress at poolside this time.

“I have a wonderful little rump,” says Cat Bangles who can back up that statement by backing it up. That babe even twerks in the movie as well as bounces and jiggles. “I’ve got tons of a-hole. I adore to smack it. I adore it.” And that is very much appreciated!

Cat heads inside to “wake up” her kitty.

“I taste my cum-hole, too. It just wakes it up. I’ve my clitoris pierced, and it feels truly valuable when I smack it a little. It is adore getting my snatch ready for the schlong. you just taste my slit, then you slip your rod right in. Smacking my clit with your strapon is the perfect way to get my twat ready. It receives me indeed moist. I’ve a wonderful, larger than typical like button, also. This babe acquires indeed hard and pops out and looks at you. When you lick it or touch it, she receives truly unbending and it is love that babe is looking back at you.”

Cat visits Miami in “Cat’s Coconuts.” This city was made for a beauty love her. But that babe is a Bostonian so her visits to SCORELAND will acquire to suffice. See Cat attract lots of attention in this Bonus photo discharge and clip in the Coconut Grove section of Miami.

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