Joana – The Countess of Deep cleavage

The Countess of Cleavage

The Countess of Cleavage

Joana is responsible for lots of wood and many loads lost. Finding her back in 2003 was one of the high-reaching events in big-bust history. That that babe stays active in front of the digi camera is a testament to her longevity and how well this babe takes care of herself. A Recent Ager, Joana lives a healthy lifestyle; not austere, but very holistic.

“I am a vegetarian. I adore mushrooms. I do not eat any meat. My meat is mushrooms. Maybe fish and eggs. This goes jointly with my spiritual life. I meditate and do Yoga. I practice Tantric Yoga also.”

That doesn’t mean that Joana lives an ascetic lifestyle.

“I go to clubs with allies. I adore tons of different music. I love dance music. 1960s music. Aged music. I like disco. I like to dance, but I acquire to be careful about what kind of exotic dancing I do ‘coz my greater than standard boobies bounce all over the place!”

One day, we’ve gotta see Joana dance. Out of any clothes on.

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Kimmie Kaboom – Make Room For Kaboom

Make Room For Kaboom

Make Room For Kaboom

Kimmie Kaboom made a larger than standard kaboom here at XL Angels. Seeing is believing.

Undergarment shopping is an adventure for Kimmie. That babe wears 42H cup holders. “I have not at all been skillful to buy bras off the rack,” says Kimmie. “I usually wear a undergarment when I am out and about, but hardly ever at home.”

Kimmie is the wife of an XL Cuties fan. This Lothario encouraged Kimmie to send her at-home snaps to our staff. This is a fresh (and very welcome) trend. Back in 1999, when XL Beauties debuted, this almost not at all happened.

Adore any healthy, young female-dom, Kimmie enjoys plenty of sex and loves to make it adventurous and gripping.

“I one time had sex with a hubby in his abode during the time that his wife was home. I know…bad hotty! Once more, I had sex one evening at Sofa, Washroom & Beyond’s parking lot during the time that they were open. My spouse and I go out at least one time a week to dinner or a video or we lock ourselves in our bedroom for a sex marathon.”

Kimmie has it all. XL Girls is cheerful to have her in our bastion of bigger in size than average melons!

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Maya Milano – Traffic Stopper

Traffic Stopper

Traffic Stopper

“I at not time dreamed my picture would be on the cover of a mag,” Maya Milano emailed the SCORE photo employees that lensed her in Prague about the Holiday ’14 edition of Voluptuous. “There are so many images of so many girls on the web that I guess they do not stand out. Now, to be on the cover of a real magazine is a special thing, I feel. So I am very slutty and cheerful. When I saw it, I said, ‘Look at that goddess!’ Then I said, ‘Oh, it’s me!'”

In the first 18 pics of this new glamour photoshoot, super-gorgeous and massively-breasted Maya is shown walking on a bridge. Passing cars honked their approval. Fortunately, no one drove off the bridge. There is a hardly any minutes of movie of this in “Behind The Scenes” interspersed with Maya creaming her large milk cans.

Maya makes SCORELAND a better place. She’ll be in the running for V-mag Greenhorn of the Year 2014.

“I thought, ‘If the gals in SCORELAND can do it, why not me? My marangos are as larger than run of the mill as theirs.'”

We like how Maya thinks.

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Suzumi Wilder – Grand Theft Anal

Grand Theft Anal

Grand Theft Anal

Fans of Suzumi Wilder have been patiently awaiting for their favourite Big-Boob gamer girl’s hardcore first appearance, and we’re happy to announce that your wait is over. And, buck, did this chick deliver. Rocky, our hung cocksman, not solely popped her hardcore cherry, that skirt chaser popped her anal cherry, likewise! We shouldn’t be also surprised that 44DDD Suzumi let it all hang out, though. She said us how much of a freak she was in her solo launch in August.

“I see porn all the time,” Suzumi told. “Of course, that is supposed to mean I masturbate a lot. If I am going for a quickie, I will use an egg vibrator on my clit and work up to a quick agonorgasmos during the time that thinking about being fucked rock hard.”

That’s our sort of hotty. Of course, with a boy like Rocky, Suzumi didn’t need her bunny to hit a few climaxes. Especially not after Rocky rammed her butt with his monumental piece of man-meat. We’re sure Suzumi won’t forget her 1st time.

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Marille – Marille’s Larger than standard Titty Ramrodding

Marille’s Big Titty Ramrodding

Marille's Big Titty Ramrodding

Mr. Voluptuous Magazine Chap has left the Hollywood scene and fled to Prague–which some say is Europe’s most swinging city. And that is where our hero meets Marille, a luscious and stacked youthful mastix with real buckin’ hangers and a nice-looking face. Marille’s soft-spoken and polite, but if that stud wants to screw her, Mr. V. is gonna receive to loosen the death-grip on his wallet. Marille’s English is priceless. That babe wears a low-cut top to advertise her goods. They make big pointer sisters over her strappy suit. Who could resist?

It’s similar to hiring a fitness instructor except the ramrod acquires stretched instead of the calf muscles. Mr. V. is very polite. That lady-killer prefaces every request with “May I?” Life is so much easier and gratifying since this chab prevented playing the field and started seeing professionals.

Marille worships his penis with her moist face hole for a worthwhile amount of time. That babe is in no hurry to move on. From the pont of time Mr. V. penetrates her taut Czech vagina with his screw chisel, her captivating wet crack is sopping damp. Marille is a companion who enjoys being banged inflexible by sex-crazed males. Mr. V. can tell that and drills her meat-thermometer gap as hard as this chab can.

Marille rides his dick with grinding intensity, soaking his penis with her leaking cunt juices. Part of their deal is her agreement to let him squirt his penis fluid on her new, quivering marangos. His aim is off and her open face hole catches some of the cream which she swallows adore a priceless hotty. Mr. V. has learned firsthand why Marille is so popular. This chab suspected as much before his trousers came off. Marille’s phone number will be at the top of his call-back list.

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Mia Callista – That babe is lovin’ it and havin’ it her way

She’s lovin’ it and havin’ it her way

She's lovin' it and havin' it her way

“Once u lads came along, there was almost certainly I wanted to do it,” 21-year-old Mia Callista, aka The Big boobed Beauty Who Works Behind The Counter at the Hamburger Joint, told of her reaction when this babe was approached by a bunch of SCORE editors about adult modeling. “I didn’t need to think twice. I saw the website, saw topless hotty’s and said, ‘Yes!’ And then I discovered out it was also hardcore porn, and then I got truly wanton.”


“Because that is even more outstanding than posing topless. That is getting paid to do my hobby. I love screwing!”

That is obvious in these pictures and the accompanying episode. Mia’s enthusiasm and like of sex come through. It’s a shame that this babe spent so much time working at the burger joint when this babe should’ve been here. But we’re very pleased we detected her 1st.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, but I did not know how,” Mia told. “I see lots of porn and I always look at porn when I masturbate. I’d Google porn sites, but I by no means knew who to contact.”

We contacted her. That babe gave us the larger than typical thumbs up. And, now, that babe is banging on-camera for the 1st time.

“I’m so amorous!” Mia said.

She’s not the merely one.

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Natalie Fiore – Country Girl

Country Girl

Country Gal

This is a specific treat for u city slickers out there. XL favourite Natalie Fiore is back, and this babe is giving us a brief view life on the countryside. OKAY, we admit it… we aren’t intend to spend much time looking at the lush scenery. Not with Natalie’s enormous naturals pouring with out her top. That’s the see that’s always going to catch our eye. Though that babe has already given birth, the sweet Natalie is still glowing. And because they say milk is nice for your bones, Natalie was even kind sufficient to bring along a couple of milk-filled pitchers. It is safe to say XL Studs worldwide have powerful, full-erect boners right about now.

Natalie peels off her under garment, unveiling her tasty naturals–which have grown greater post-pregnancy. It has been said in the past that Natalie has Energizer Zeppelins. They just keep growing and growing. Natalie’s initial appearance as a 36DDD-cup SCORE Gal wasn’t that lengthy ago, and we’re pinching ourselves at how plush her body has become, and how much her scones have grown. Natalie is up to a 40HH cup after her gestation, and as far as we’re anxious, the H’s stand for lustful fascinating heart.

And when you’re as sexy and concupiscent as Natalie, you must phat off sometimes. And there’s nothing better to phat off huge mams with than a spot of milk. As they say, it does a body good, and Natalie’s love melons look remarkable with milk spilled all over them. And we desire we could give her a helping hand as this babe seductively licks the milk off of her titties. We just can not acquire enough of this country girl.

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Gianna Rossi – Gianna Rossi Part 1

Gianna Rossi Part 1

Gianna Rossi Part 1

The DVD On Location Larger than average Boob Paradise follows the day-to-day play of Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Angela White, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova, the 1st and only time those SCORE superstars modeled jointly, sharing a beach house on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Each chapter spotlights one cutie. This day is Gianna’s day.

In Part 1 of Gianna’s chapter, we pursue the tall brunette preparing for a day of shoots, from waking her up to getting her hair and makeup done. She heads to the beach, plays topless tennis and tries her hand at croquet. “I adore being photographed,” Gianna told. “It just feels usual to be in front of the digi camera. It just feels natural to me, but it’s not that I’m saying to myself, ‘Oh, I am going to be on digi camera.’ It’s just cool.”

“Cool” is Gianna’s middle name. This babe flew from laid-back Seattle to Los Angeles to Miami and met some of the SCORE team for the last leg to Eleuthera Island. An American adult star, known for her take-no-prisoners style of hardcore, encounter an Australian, a Welsh-woman, an American greenhorn and a Czech hotty who spoke solely her native language was a pretty unusual mix of personalities but ultimately a successful one.

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