Bazookas & Oil

Breasts & Greasy oil

Tits & Oil

Aileen Ghettman was a fetish hotty and dominatrix when we first flew her in to take out her bigger in size than typical natural 44H love bubbles, baby oil them and copulate a smooth operator or two. “In college, I clothed very Gothic. All dark-skinned. Dark lipstick and leather and Latex.”

Aileen does all kinds of kinky, unusual things to wussy-men, like use them as chairs or–ouch!–kick them in the nuts.

Aileen has a personal hobby that is not harsh at all and that babe told us about it.

“I adore to write sexual stories. I keep journals of writing. It is something I do all the time. It’s an outlet. My favourite thing to write about is it being dark outdoors, and I am all alone in my house and somebody comes in and takes advantage of me. It’s darksome out side and there can be a storm, and all of a sudden the force goes out, and then previous to you know it, the door is being unlocked, but I do not know who’s unlocking it, but at the same time I do ‘cuz merely a scarcely any people have a key to my abode.

“So, that lady-killer comes in, and I’m in the bedroom watching TV, and I’m comfortable and topless in my little Lothario shorts, and all of a sudden, I hear this noise adore someone’s coming up the stairs. Previous to I know it, that smooth operator is in my room looking at me. But in advance of I realize he’s there, I’m still sitting there watching TV and masturbating, and that petticoat chaser comes in and watches me. And then after a whilst, we’re both on the sofa taking care of business.”

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Bath, Marangos & Beyond

Washroom, Bouncy bosoms & Beyond

Bath, Fullsome funbags & Beyond

Anna Carlene has got to be one of the cleanest gals in Europe. She’s always taking lengthy bubble bathroom!

Her thick plastic cock-toy takes the place of a rubber ducky and is a lot more joy when that babe is caressing her clit with it, squeezing her wet crack while she’s thrusting it in and out.

Anna’s hobbies are sewing, shopping and lap dancing. This babe watches porn at home and receives off on showing her whoppers and arse. She likes looking at other monumental breasted adult models and seeing what they’re up to.

Anna has a pixie-like appearance and cushioned, babydoll voice. This babe stays home a lot, but when she goes out that babe likes to wear low-cut tight tops and constricted shorts. A girl like her needs a bodyguard, that’s for sure. That babe is short and stacked and packs a lot of heat.

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Joana’s Breast Gym Class

Joana’s Breast Fitness Centre Class

Joana's Breast Gym Class

It is boob Fitness Centre time with New Age wonder dominant-bitch Joana Bliss, so we had to have the place closed off for numerous hours or the shoot would not at all have been finished. Joana goes throughout her breast workout sets and we’d swear that her meatballs have gotten even larger since her last time with SCORELAND.

“Besides my love of yoga, I adore to swim, and I play lawn tennis when I’ve a chance,” Joana told. “I love to observe sports sometimes.”

No one is more of a hang-loose, nature goddess than Joana.

“I adore to spend time at the seashore…the forest, and I like plants. I enjoyed visiting the Dominican Republic with such alluring gals, Valory, Sha, Hitomi and Vanessa. When I watch the images, I guess about them with adore.”

“I donot think of glamour modeling as a job. When you do something with enjoyment, u dont think of it as a job or work. The day goes quickly and with the right people, it’s even better.

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A Amorous Little Redhead

A Randy Little Redhead

A Excited Little Redhead

Life-sized doll Quinn Rain has a special surprise awaiting for Bambino as pretty soon as this fellow walks into the abode. That surprise is Quinn herself. Her soaked body, large fullsome funbags and wazoo are all his. The hawt redhead is going to deep-throat him, mash her pantoons together with his knob between them, spread her legs wide for some hawt boning and kneel to drink each drop of his goo he jacks into her throat. A ladies man could get no more breathtaking surprise.

“I always drink. I’m vegan and I need all the protein I can get,” told Quinn. “I adore it when a chap instructs me around, maybe spanks me or ties me up. I am mainly passive but I can receive confident. I do not receive sex often enough.” Not often sufficient? Quinn could snap her fingers and receive all the action that babe craves, in our opinion. Especially the way that babe worships Bambino’s knob in every way.

“A male family friend would whisper to me that I should contact The SCORE Group and that my bustiness would be consummate.” That reminded us of some other gal named Chloe Rose whose male friend’s father suggested the same thing. It is rare but it happens.

“I was timid when I was younger but now I like all the attention and that gets me horny. I probably masturbate twice a day. I have a lot of catching up to do. I didn’t masturbate until high school.”

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Creampied Mama

Creampied Mother

Creampied Mom

“My son drove me to the airport for my discharge,” Stacie Starr told. “He’s home babysitting for me while I’m here.”

Wow! Her son drove his Mommy to a porn discharge to bonk strangers?

Stacie is a Fourty something honey bunny with big billibongs who lives in Florida. That babe is done plenty of different jobs. This babe was an Army specialist for three years, a customer service manager and a probation counselor. Then she got into porn and webcamming.

Mature hotty’s have been popular in porn for decades but at not time more popular than now. Hundreds of older vixens are beginning in it. Sometimes divorce or a sexually-hyper lifestyle like swinging leads to it. Technically, a SEXY HOUSEWIFE could be in her nubiles and Twentys but the MILF tag seems to apply to aged chicks in minds of porn-watchers.

“I’m orally captivated,” said Stacie. “I adore to suck pecker. I love choking on shlong. I love having my butt spanked.”

Carlos creams Stacie’s mommy love tunnel after they fuck. Those porn boyz! We wonder if they ever inadvertently impregnate women, especially the teenies, with all the creampies they give them.

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Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova Gabriella Paltrova
Gabriella Paltrova @
It’s "TV night" for Gabriella Paltrova and Hubby…but where’s "Gabi"? Partner is yelling for her, ‘coz their show’s willing about to begin, but still no Gabi. Soon that babe emerges from the bedroom, but instead of being dressing in sweats and her over-sized t-shirt, Gabi is decked-out in fashionable, dark underware! Boyfriend thinks he’s about to get laid, but no! Turns out Gabi’s prefered Bull, Jax, just got off the phone. Jax wishes a "booty call", so instead of TV night, Partner is gonna be treated to a cuckold session! "This is Jax’s prefered lingerie…do I look sexy?" Gabi asks her Hubby, just as the doorbell rings. Observe Gabi plant a mammoth kiss on Jax’s face hole as that guy walks in, and it doesn’t take lengthy in advance of Gabi and Boyfriend are one as well as the other on their knees. Gabi is sucking BBC as Spouse watches, and as long as Partner doesn’t "act up", Gabi is allowing him to jerk his dinkie. Would not you know it, though? Spouse acts up not quite immediately, which means he’ll be caged! No more beating off for Hubby! Gabi chooses to allow Jax into her gazoo the entire evening, which Gabi will smack after each position. Jax lastly unloads all over Gabi’s captivating, full bush, which means it is time for Hubby to perform cleaning duties! Chalk this up as some other great cuckold session for Gabi and Hubby! Way more worthy than any TV brandish!
Gabriella Paltrova Gabriella Paltrova

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Milly Makes It Unbending

Milly Makes It Inflexible

Milly Makes It Hard

“A pair of years ago, I was said that if you’re plan to copulate someone, u must give it your all and be the foremost shag they’ve ever had,” said Milly Marks. “I guess it kind of stuck with me.” That advice definitely did stick.

Here’s the super-big boob-bomb show with Milly and JMac that many have been awaiting for and emailing about since they saw JMac drop by an interview Milly was having with SCORE editor Dave. It was the flawless sex match-up. A PC could not have done better. Milly said this babe likes to be banged unbending. “My prefered position is doggy coz that’s usually when I find it to be the roughest.” Milly tries the piledriver and getting picked-up for the first time after a kind of dry run during the interview. Milly said that almost all of the time, she acquires the cum on her big melons. If not, she acquires a facial. That babe said she doesn’t know why her captivating, juvenile face is creamed which is where JMac nuts after their very hot, loud, vigour pounding.

“At 18, I would’ve believed I’d be trying porn two years later coz I’m kinda out there and do my own thing. I’ve not at all been a conservative person, but I at no time thought I’d do it. But I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone told me I was intend to do it. It was not at any time in my plans. I did fantasize about doing porn but by no means did I suppose it was an actual possibility. I would consider myself a hyper-sexual person, so I like it and I’m so glad I have had the opportunity to do this.”

“I’m a obedient in the bedroom so I like to an tractable pet. I will do as a dude says and give him what he wants. In return, this guy respects me in our day-to-day life. This chap understands that my mindless devotion is for fantasy and play and that outdoors of raunchy activity, I am a very independent lady.”

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LuXXX Life

LuXXX Life

LuXXX Life

It’s cum display time for Jordyn LuXXX, a obese beauty who loves being a gamer beauty as well as reading and watching Netflix. On her to-do list: hawt air ballooning, skydiving and bungee jumping.

XLGirls: Do u always wear a brassiere?

Jordynn: I typically always wear a under garment. However at home, or with certain outfits, I can’t. I’m very lucky to still have perkiness to my bazookas. I enjoy going with out from time to time. I usually wear tank tops and constricted shirts. I like the stares. It makes me smile and blush.

XLGirls: What do your livecam fans ask u to do the most?

Jordynn: I haven’t cammed in quite some time, but when I was, I would say flash my billibongs or twerk.

XLGirls: Do u love looking in a mirror during sex?

Jordynn: I can honestly say yeah! I like seeing myself getting drilled and I love seeing the man’s expressions as well.

XLGirls: Do u view your scenes or porn in general and have sex?

Jordynn: I haven’t ever watched my scenes whilst having sex, but I do view ’em.

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