The XL Cuties Office Pervert

The XL Gals Office Pervert

The XL Beauties Office Pervert

Amiee Roberts is not solely an XL Girl. She’s too a valued XL Cuties employee doing office administration work. As u know, Amiee has all of the qualifications we look for. Jimmy is the XL Angels office manager and building pervert. This buck loves to make his rounds at TSG and view the female-dominator workers. When this charmer spots a sweetheart, this chab automatically grabs his junk. That buck sees recent hotty Amiee around the office and does his thing when this babe bows over.

Amiee walks into his office on business so this chab introduces himself, then introduces Amiee to the way that guy digs his meat-thermometer sucked. Amiee’s a fast learner to his techniques and is unfathomable throating his pole with lots of slop and slobber, the way aged Jimbo likes it. Instead of breaking for lunch, they go to his casting couch so that guy can copulate Amiee subrigid and treat her to a liquid lunch.

XL Girls: Amiee, when u 1st shot with us, was it on your mind to come back and do boy-girl?

Amiee: No, it was not. I got an email and it was, “Hey, we’re interested in u doing a boy-girl” and I read a bunch of the comments from my followers, and they were adore, “We would like to watch Amiee acquire screwed, so I thought, “If this is what they really crave, why not? Go down this road and see what happens.”

XL Girls: So the guys’ comments indeed encouraged you?

Amiee: Absolutely. The comments on all the episodes at and the pictures indeed boosted my confidence to go out and do this.

XL Girls: Do you remember any comments you indeed liked?

Amiee: One told I was one of the most-beautiful glamour models on the site and I was one of the reasons he joined and this skirt chaser just wanted to watch me receive fucked. And I was love, “Wow!” He was talking about how great my milk shakes were and what a priceless a-hole I had and this chab just wanted to see me get pounded, and I said, “Okay!” And the more I kept reading the comments, the more I wanted to do it. I love the 10-Pounder.

XL Girls: What do you like about it?

Amiee: I like to suck on the 10-Pounder.

XL Girls: Are u just saying that to make us cheerful?

Amiee: No, I actually do. If u asked my ex-boyfriends, they would tell you that’s what I am worthwhile at. I suppose I am kind of a natural at it. I try to look at what the lad really desires and give it to him. Love the way this chab can’t live out of it sucked. Some like it sucked actually coarse, some adore it sucked softly, some love the balls licked and sucked, some don’t. I try to inspect how to please him ‘coz the more this Lothario is pleased, the harder he’s plan to shag me, so it goes the one and the other ways. I am not just doing it with out the kindness of my heart. I actually do like it.

XL Girls: So you do not have just one oral-job style?

Amiee: No, and if he doesn’t desire everything peculiar, I’ll just do whatever I crave. It depends on the mood.

XL Girls: How do u decide what the boy urges?

Amiee: I kinda judge by how his cock is reacting, and if this chab is not reacting, they’ll usually tell me, love, “No, do not do it that way. Suck it this way or use your tongue more.” I am ok with boys telling me what to do. I wish him to relish himself, and, anyway, I can tell if I am getting a reaction. It is unyielding to hide!

XL Girls: How do cuties keep their teeth out of the way?

Amiee: By opening their mouths wider and using their tongues more. If the tongue is under the 10-Pounder, the teeth tend to be covered. I hope all the boys have joy my scene and tell me what they liked. I like the feedback!

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Curvy Golden-haired Ravisher Acquires Dicked

Shapely Blond Girl Acquires Dicked

Buxom Blond Stunner Acquires Dicked

Our team flew to Europe on a glamour model hunt. One of the angels they hooked up with was Hungarian hooter ravishing heart Cynthia Flowers. They met Cynthia and made the arrangements. Cynthia speaks Hungarian. Our team speaks English. Even so, verbal communication wasn’t a gigantic deal-breaker.

“I did not get to direct her,” our photographer told. “She knew exactly what to do and when to do it. It was love this babe knew exactly how to turn bucks on and had been doing it for years.” Which Cynthia undoubtedly has been doing since her erotic awakening. This four-eyed goober screwed her like the skillful this chab is. The lad is a big-dicked ramming machine and that’s what’s needed to discharge the finest porn.

“When that babe showed up at our location, it was like she was selling her arse, that babe was dressed so wanton. The cab driver was hitting on her, trying to pick her up. The second I saw her, I thought, ‘This cutie need to indeed adore to shag.'”

As they say, the evidence is in the photos.

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The Bigger in size than typical, Sexy Bra-busters of Paige Turner

The Greater than run of the mill, Sexy Mammaries of Paige Turner

The Greater than standard, Hawt Tits of Paige Turner

Paige Turner is randy for hard wood, as always. That babe at not time fails to bring the heat. There were times with Paige when one boy was not enough and we had to draft some other player for a tag-team game.

Paige prides herself on massaging jock with her BBW wobblers. A technique that babe refers to as “the Russian Experience,” and prides herself on her vacuum-force blow jobs. “I love to deep mouth rock hard schlong,” Paige told. “I would rather a buck cum on my fullsome funbags than in my throat or on my face but I thought Jimmy and Bambino giving me a facial in our three-some was indeed sexy.”

Paige puts on sexy lingerie, her humongous, heavy tits barely contained, and jumps Peter from the snap. There’s no time for petite talk. This babe is on his rod right away, sucking, jerking and tit-fucking it with gusto and a damp mouth. Paige’s tit-fucking and BJ techniques should be used in a training film, in our opinion. We get to weigh and measure those extraordinary bra buddies accurately in the future.

Paige was second runner-up in the Beginner of the Year contest, behind Rachel Raxxx and Tiggle Bitties. In the May 2017 awards edition of Voluptuous, editor Dave wrote, “Paige initially debuted in the last issue of 2016, and although this babe had her first XXX photo shoot in the same issue in which the rewards finalists were announced, we have to wonder whether this California gal would’ve finished even higher if we’d had more time to know her. That babe used to work at Subway. Now this babe is working magic with a different kind of foot-long.”

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Felicia’s Arse

Felicia’s Butt

Felicia's Ass

“Of course I like anal! Wouldn’t it be a shame if an ass adore mine didn’t get drilled?” asked Felicia Clover. What a great attitude. And Felicia didn’t just say it, this babe lived it and did it on-camera.

Her fuck-buddy of the day had a real handful. We gotta say, we were jealous of this bonk. Do you know how hard it’s to identify a angel love this? “I can’t wear short shorts coz my wazoo falls out of the bottom and also comes with out the top,” Miss Clover said us. “I think that my arse looks fine in mostly everything I put on, but boy shorts are very comfortable. I love them. I love the lacy kind, but I likewise love the ones that are cute and cotton.”

Felicia’s rounded 43-inch booty gets the royal treatment in this scene. Squeezed, fondelled, butt-plugged and rogered.

“I am a freak when it comes to sex! One of my fantasies is to make my own version of a backroom casting daybed. I adore sex. I love hard pounding and oral. Missionary is one of my favorite positions when my partner is going super-deep and coarse. I love 3somes with a boy and a angel but I receive to be into the angel.”

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Scones Always The Season For Sex

Bosoms Always The Season For Sex

Tits Always The Season For Sex

One of the all-time hottest women at SCORELAND, Kelly Christiansen, wife of one remarkably lucky member, is one of these gals who you would not think you’d see exposed, let alone mouthing and rogering a porn guy. Kelly wasn’t interested in doing porn for a career. This babe merely wanted to model at SCORE where this babe discovered her comfort zone. She had her husband’s approval.

“My partner and I were watching one of my DVDs and got all sexy and heavy and into it, and he was love, ‘Wait, let me replay that!’ We laid there and had sex during the time that I was having sex. It was surreal. Totally different. He’s into watching me while watching me. We are not married couples. He likes watching me with other lads and that man likes the idea that his wife is a star. It’s hilarious. Well, sexy. In my mind, I thought it was hilarious. I do like to look at myself have sex, and each time I watch myself, I can not make almost certainly of it’s really me.”

It’s still a uncommon, unparalleled event when this happens. Almost any lads, whether partner or spouse, would not desire their beauty taking her milk cans out or fucking one more fellow on-camera. Would you? We hit the boob lotto with Kelly. Mr. Christiansen wins it every evening.

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Chloe Couture

Chloe Couture Chloe Couture
Chloe Couture @
Chloe Couture is the mountainous bimbo ever. Just ask her husband. That man loves to brag about Chloe and her randy ways to all his allies. Just listen to him shooting hoops and blabbing about all the wicked things his cutie will do! Which is just about the time Chloe comes out to do a little sunbathing. She’ll go topless, likewise, and not care what her partner — or his buddies — think. Chloe’s spouse brags "she’ll do everything I say! Just look at!!" In a short time, Chloe’s on her knees in the backyard, engulfing bigger than typical, dark weenie…because her spouse said her to! Then, he’ll instruct Chloe to suggest up her ravishing, pink love tunnel in advance of moving to her back door. That is right, Chloe’s husband offers up her mellow, constricted dark-skinned hole to his buddies! They’ll take it, certainly, previous to all three dropping loads on Chloe’s face — or down her thirsty face hole. Some call this very nasty…others call it true like.

Chloe Couture Chloe Couture

Visit – Diminutive Dick Cuckolds And Their Dark-skinned Ramrod Wives @ Cuckold Sesssions | Chloe Couture

Bad Gals & Ball Gags

Bad Girls & Ball Gags

Bad Girls & Ball Gags

No matter how much of a bad beauty Codi Vore may try to be, that babe is likewise admirable to be bad. Too angelic looking. An angel’s costume would fit her perfectly entire with halo. Or maybe we don’t know her well enough. Here comes Codi in her dark side underware holding a ball gag. In this photo set, Codi’s holding a paddle and it is not for a game of ping-pong.

SCORELAND: Are you an facile cummer? How lengthy does it take you to cum?

Codi: I’m truly cerebral, and I can go on forever if I’m not in the right mindset, but if I am thinking about the right things, I can cum in adore 2 minutes. Truly quick.

SCORELAND: What are the right things?

Codi: Definitely the obedient thing. I wanna be property. I wish to be objectified, abased, all of the above, which brings me to my fetish, which is vorarephilia. This is my secret, but my final name is based on that.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate a lot?

Codi: Oh, I masturbate all the time, and I can promise you that you don’t want me to describe the scenarios that I masturbate to!

Next time: Milly Marks and Codi Vore jointly for the first time. Kissin’ cousins! It is only natural.

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Sausage Party

Sausage Party

Sausage Party

Mya Blair has a ally and his friend over to observe the bigger in size than average game on TV. She thoughtfully throws a valuable little party for them, likewise. They cant keep their eyeballs glued to the game. Mya’s large, jiggly juggs and bountiful gazoo is distracting ’em from the chaps in hose. They’d rather throw a pass at Mya, a gal who’s game for everything joy. The lads double-team the blond bombshell on the ottoman and ignore the greater than run of the mill game to score a touchdown on Mya, taking turns filling her taut twat and gazoo. That babe screams louder than the crowds at the stadium! It’s one rock-em, sock-em tailgate party!

XLGirls: Mya, now that you’ve done numerous boy-girl scenes, was it what u imagined it would be love?

Mya: For the most part it was, but the prevent and go and having to figure out how to move forward was something I didn’t wait.

XLGirls: U sometimes get exposed in public. Have u ever had sex in a public place? Do you love sex in cars?

Mya: Most of the first three years after I lost my virginity was spent having sex in cars or finding public places for a quickie. I relish the rush of doing something love that where there’s added excitement from the risk.

XLGirls: What word or sentence would u almost any love to put on your Tee-shirt?

Mya: Friday is my second favorite F word.

XLGirls: Do u adore having sex with cuties? If yes, any physical preferences? Should they have big fullsome funbags likewise or it doesn’t matter?

Mya: I haven’t had many opportunities to have sex with girls but what I’ve had, I like. I prefer curves definitely but usually not humongous knockers love mine.

XLGirls: So far, how would u sum up your XL Angel experiences?

Mya: Captivating. They were pleasure, relaxed, and the boys were hawt. I have loved it all.

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