Nude On The Dock

In nature’s garb On The Dock

Nude On The Dock

There’s a specific set in the heart of each dedicated SCORE and V-man for Lorna Morgan, the “Welsh Wonderwoman.”

Lorna spoken about her first time as a stripped adult model. Those discharges took place in London.

“I think a photographer helps a great deal when you’re adult modeling, especially if you are very young and nervous. I guess I just dived straight in. Did soever I could, and the more chatty and more enjoyment u make it, it’s much better that way.

“It went well, It was wonderful. I got my head around it. I said, ‘I know what I am going to do, and I’m intend to do it. It’ll be worthwhile.’ And it was. I’m definitely adore that. I get all mad nervous the day before, and on the day, I’m worthy.”

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With A Cherry On It

With A Cherry On It

With A Cherry On It

Why no one ever asked Renee Ross to be a sundae gal (until this babe came to XL Girls) is confusing. Maybe if this babe had gone out with an ice sperm salesman, things would have been different.

Renee enjoyed becoming a curvaceous sundae treat. That babe is sweet enough to eat with or with out all that spunk and fruit. That hawt top this babe wears is mind boggling and her constricted denim mini-skirt is another mind blowing.

Whipped jizz and cherries and bananas have been a staple at XL Beauties since our inception. Renee added even more to the reveal with that rich, ripe body of hers. She really turns her bazooms into a pastry counter and licks off the sweet, sticky goodness in this high cholesterol photo shoot.

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Anal Revervation

Anal Revervation

Anal Revervation

Who needs the skyline of Miami when Shyla’s in the picture? After parading her consummate body, wearing the consummate outfit, Shyla pretties up in the washroom. That babe wishes to go out and party…that “South Beach ’til dawn!” crap.

JMac has other ideas–getting his pecker and balls sucked and licked, rogering her bawdy cleft, banging her larger than run of the mill milk cans and fucking her charming butthole. Not many cuties are adore Shyla…so happy, willing and willing to jump on the weenie and squeeze it into her a-hole and all the during the time that look great doing it. Tubs are not the easiest place to group-sex in but Big-Boob and juicy Shyla has some experience.

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Fashionable Beauties of the World: Milly Marks

Alluring Cuties of the World: Milly Marks

Beautiful Girls of the World: Milly Marks

When we first met Milly Marks, this babe lived in a house of cuties, and not just angels who work 9-to-5 in an office. They’re exotic dancers. Sounds love a movie scene, doesn’t it? As u can imagine, a house love that has a very erotic vibe. That’s cool since Milly is a very raunchy girl.

SCORELAND: Is anyone ever wearing sexy clothing in the abode?

Milly: I at no time am and one of my roommates definitely isn’t. The other cuties are usually just in lingerie, but the two of us are always stripped. We also had one ladies man live there, and this fellow was a partner, but the girlfriend is truly kewl and did not mind if I sauntered around in nature’s garb. And he’s one of my fine allies.

SCORELAND: Let’s talk bras. Do u like front-hooked or back hooked bras?

Milly: I suppose front-hooking makes for more outstanding cleavage but I cant discover a front-hooking brassiere that truly fits my zeppelins.

SCORELAND: We imagine a front-hooking below garment would give way below the pressure. Do u wear different bras for different occasions?

Milly: I don’t truly have that luxury because I don’t own that many! Bras my size are subrigid to detect and expensive when I do discover ’em.

SCORELAND: Do u ever go bra-shopping with a spouse?

Milly: Yep, my partner is always trying to assist because this lady-killer knows brassiere shopping is always frustrating for me.

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Vixen Holly

Vixen Holly

Hottie Holly

As we open the Holly Jayde show, the digital camera locks in on her glamorous face. “Oh, baby, I am so glad you’re here this day. I want to engulf on your ramrod,” Holly says. Pointing a finger at her open face hole, Holly says, “It’s gonna go right here. I desire all of your cum in my throat right here.” Holly opens her seductive throat wide for emphasis.

Now lots of cameramen would have dropped their gear all over themselves but our fellows are made of sterner stuff. Too much is riding on ’em. Holly’s wearing a low-cut blue top that brandishes her hawt and cushioned 38DDD flesh mammaries. She kneads and squeezes her sweater cannons and is very chatty as she does it. U can tell that this soaked morsel is contented of her large milk shakes.

Holly’s stunt schlong arrives and this babe begins kneading his junk and asking him if that dude is plan to cum in her throat. They play with her bra-busters and, still clothed, with her exposed funbags spilling over her top, Holly leans forward sat on the ottoman and starts sucking his stiffy with loving licks. Then she acquires on her back, her head at the edge of the daybed, to have her mouth drilled and her nipples pulled and pinched. And that is just for starters.

Holly Jayde did say that she loves as much sex as possible, and with her kind of talent and looks, that babe have to receive all the cum she desires.

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Supersized Love bubbles

Supersized Billibongs

Supersized Tits

Danielle Derek is kooky to try out her newly supersized bouncy bosoms with a woman chaser. That honor goes to JMac. He is just as batty to try her on for size and hasn’t seen her since they did the nasty in Danielle’s comeback. A 34HH bra-smasher, Danielle makes the humongous pleased face when she enters the room where JMac and the photographer are expecting. This babe is wearing a underneath garment and tight denim shorts, looking each inch the bonk toy this babe is and ready to have her bigger than average marangos worshipped.

Humping Danielle’s bazookas takes priority in advance of that babe gets tag-teamed, boned, bashed, boinked and boffed. She lubes his skin-bus with her face hole and watches it drive between her twin peaks.

Danielle gives him her deluxe, damp suck-job, taking his ding-dong unfathomable in her throat. That babe makes lots of BJ sounds, one of her specialties, moaning, gurgling, gagging and slurping. Rock hard shlong gives her satisfaction. She’s willing to ride and get railed.

Danielle says it is not hard to make her cum. “I cum so fast and I am multi-orgasmic. I acquire horny just from a good, bumpy ride on the subway or taut jeans caressing my love button. I have always been in this for the joy and the sex. That will not ever change! I love being a copulate doll. I like being a guy’s fake penis.”

Greater whoppers, same Danielle Derek this babe is been since this babe started at SCORE.

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Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Lucy Lenore has been awaiting patiently in the kitchen, all dolled-up in her happy-homemaker-with-huge-hooters dress. Now she can pull out her lovely treats and brandish what that babe is made of: sugar, spice and everything precious. It is a shame that every kitchen doesn’t come with a Lucy Lenore, but at least Lucy Lenore cums in this kitchen!

“I live a fairly active lifestyle,” told Lucy, who 1st learned about XL Girls when that babe worked in an adults merely store and checked out all the latest SCORE Group magazines when they arrived. “I spend a nice amount of time outside hiking, kayaking, camping and enjoyment stuff love that. I am by no means gonna be skillful to dedicate myself to a Health Exotic dancing club or everything. I’m not that self-disciplined. I’m also used to doing whatsoever I crave.”

Lucy draws male eyes wherever this babe goes. “At this point I am used to it. I used to acquire tons of attention from way old dudes when I was really youthful ‘cuz of it. It drove my daddy mad!”

Lucy said she’s low-key. “I adore plan to the movies and aged bookstores on dates. I just adore spending time with anybody and getting to know them. I read a lot. I’m a greater than run of the mill fan of youth sci-fi and I am a humongous Harry Potter fan.”

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Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston Chanel Preston
Chanel Preston @
Chanel Preston has a real douche bag for a Boyfriend, but things are about to change. That babe married a wealthy computer "coder", even though he’s not the "hottest" Lothario around. What this chab lacks in looks (and in the bedroom), that fellow more than makes up in his bank account, 401 (K), and other investments. Still, Chanel’s had it with Hubby’s berating behavior: talking down to her; insulting her; making inexperienced jokes at Chanel’s expense. In fact, as he’s doing it in front of his "homies" (I said you he’s a douche!) Chanel puts her foot down and calls him into the kitchen for a "talk". Await until you see the results of her "talk"! Or, in other words, "hell hath no fury love a woman scorned"! Chanel establishes dominance, marches out to the front room, and then had the Bulls run a train on both her love tunnel and chocolate hole…while Boyfriend watches! Everybody shit talks the cuckold, in advance of he is compulsory to do one of the most humiliating things a str8 male can imagine. If and u think Chanel was all done after "clean up on aisle ass", wait til the very end of this Cuckold Session! Warning: what you are about to witness may disturb u for weeks — or even months!!
Chanel Preston Chanel Preston

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